Sample Pictures: Sony Xperia S

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UPDATE: Check out our first impressions of the Sony Xperia S here.

UPDATE 2:Check out the Xperia S 1080p sample videos.

UPDATE 3:Check out more picture samples from the Xperia S this time from different units here.

We’re fresh off the Asian launch of the Sony Xperia S. While we’re still sorting out the hands-on review, take a look at some sample shots we’ve taken using the device.

With the 12MP Exmor R camera, you’d expect the Xperia S to decimate the competition but once again pixel count is by no means a measurement of how good a camera is. Truth be told, we’re kind of disappointed with the picture quality coming from Xperia S, even in conditions where there’s ample light to produce a good shot you can see a large amount of noise and loss of detail.

We’re perplexed. This is not like the Xperias that we know. The arc, arc S and ray all have decent shooters and naturally we’d assume that the Xperia S will continue where the older Xperias left off. Turns out, this is not the case. Having said that, we only had limited time with the Xperia S at the launch, we’ll test the camera again once we get a review unit.

On another note, we’re uploading video samples for both the front and rear camera of the Xperia S at the moment, that’s taking longer than expected, so check back here again later to see how the Xperia S does videos. Also, lookout for our hands on report coming soon.

In the meantime, check out more sample shots after the jump.

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Panoramic Sweep

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12 Comments for Sample Pictures: Sony Xperia S


Beta hardware?


huh…its not the 12mp image quality i guess..


The picture quality is really crap. Even my Arc does better.


I guess u need to get your eyes and mind checked its clearly a better quality than the Arc S ( I won one) Also So far as I can see it the quality looks better than the N8s (I had before Arc S) and also. SO ID DISAGREE TOTALLYYYY !!!!!!

Sony Xperia S User

this so called is TRYING HEART & SOUL to DESTROY the SUPERIOR RATING & OVER ALL APPEAL OF Sony XPERIA S – the ultimate for the moment.. In their every upload they are TRYING TO CREATE SOME CONTROVERSIES WITH XPERIA S's PERFORMANCES… It's vivid if YOU compare's reviews with REVIEWS FROM OTHER PARTIES.. You'll find HUGE DIFFERENCES.. Personally I've been using a SONY Xperia S for 4 days & believe me it's over all EXPERIENCE, SPEED & 12 MP Camera performance is BEYOND ULTIMATE… I'm 100% SURE these uploaded PHOTOS are taken way before the LAUNCH OF SONY Xperia S.. It's evident from erstwhile Sony Ericsson Logos.. THIS IS NOT FAIR –!!!! I'm SURE they are poor Sammy agents.. BE CAREFUL & DON'T GET BIASED…


To be honest with you all, i avoid so hard to buy an iphone 4s, but so far…he still has the best camera on a mobile phone 🙁