Angry Birds Mooncakes, available in traditional and snow skin

Posted:  September 8, 2011   By:    3 comments   

Earlier we’ve seen Angry Birds Season with Mooncake Festival update. Now, this takes the cake!

MIC Gadget has posted about Angry Birds mooncake which is available in both traditional and snow skin versions. The traditional version presumably from China comes in a twin pack metal case while the snow skin version is manufactured in Hong Kong and comes in Chocolate and Mango flavour.

So far we haven’t seen such versions in Malaysia. With the Angry Birds fever that’s going on everywhere, it’s surprising that nobody is selling it here.

Check out the “hands-on” video after the break.

You can view the full gallery here.


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3 Comments for Angry Birds Mooncakes, available in traditional and snow skin


I'm interested in squeezing the blue cheese than the Angry Birds Moon Cake. Lol


    me too, me too, squeezeee~~~ squeezeee~~~ woooh~~~ woooh~~~ ahhh~~~ ahhh~~~~


The traditional mooncake…taste like…no comment.