You can do just about anything at the Apple Store

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While most shops here will kick you out if you try to bring your drinks inside, the Apple Store allows its customers to do and bring in just about anything to its premisses.

Record yourself singing and dancing in the middle of the store in front of a Mac, bring your pet dog, parrot or snake with you to check out the latest iPhone, have a pizza delivered (and eat it too), have a romantic date with some wine, pasta and live music played in the background, come in dressed as Darth Vader and still get your iPhone fixed, heck you can even bring a goat into the store and still get service.

What can’t you do in an Apple Store? Give birth in one perhaps? Maybe full-on public fornication would get you a mild warning but heaven forbid you get kicked out of the Apple Store.

We’re wondering what’s the tolerance level is like at our local Apple retailers.

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3 Comments for You can do just about anything at the Apple Store


From my experience working as a salesperson, customers often leave their children unattended in the stores, to play with iPads, iPhones and Macs. Yes Apple products has turned into new age pacifiers. Also, we have to keep a mop on standby to wipe ice creams, milo or any other forms of liquid you could come up with. I believe we are pretty tolerant, just don't steal our music or any other media material, they are all licensed and are not meant to be distributed.

Yes, You Can Do (Almost) Anything at the Apple Retail Store

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Can you access files from your external hard drive on one of their computers?