Yes Prepaid Plan

Yes introduces new promo valuepacks with double quota but revises commitment and valuepack unused quota terms


Yes has introduced a new time limited promo ValuePacks where it offers double the quota that’s split based on off-peak and on-peak usage. This follows the exact same time slot as Maxis Broadband with peak data running from 8AM until 2AM and off-peak data from 2AM until 8AM. The special promo ValuePacks are offered from now until 2nd August 2013. The existing 1Malaysia Valuepack, ValuePack 68 & 150 are still being offered as well.

Apart from introducing these new ValuePacks, Yes has also made a drastic change on its unused data quota, calls and SMS. Previously, the Yes ValuePack allows you to carry forward unused usage to the following month as long as you top up before the expiry period which makes it rather appealing.

After 1st August, any accumulated data, calls and SMS will be automatically forfeited after 30 days even after topping up with a new ValuePack. For existing customers, you have 90 days grace period to utilise your accumulated data. Now the valuepacks are merely data quota boosters that last for 30 days. You can get the full valuepack details here.

For those who don’t really use much, Yes has also revised its Prepaid Plan. In the previous Yes plan, you would need to commit a minimum of RM30/month spending to keep your account valid. Now with the new “Yes Prepaid Plan”, there’s no longer a RM30 minimum monthly spend. This means you truly pay for what you use without spending a minimum RM30 each month.

To sweeten the deal, they are giving quarterly Bonus where they give additional data based on your quarterly top up. The quarter bonus are as follows:

RM75-RM150 (1GB – 500MB off peak / 500MB on peak)
RM151-RM450 (3GB – 1.5GB off peak / 1.5GB on peak)
RM451 and above (6GB – 3GB off peak / 3GB on peak)

Fortunately the free data does not expire and it is given out in January, April, July and October. More details of the new “Yes Prepaid Plan” over here.

Overall, the new revision is good for very casual users who would want to keep Yes as a backup internet service since there’s no RM30/month minimum spend. However for long term valuepack users, the new 30 day expiry is quite a turn off. For those who can’t finish their monthly valuepack top up should consider disabling auto renewal and activate valuepack only when it is needed.