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Yes, Voice over LTE is awesome!


Yes 4G is the first telco in Malaysia to roll out VoLTE (Voice over LTE). While 4G has enabled better internet with blazing fast speeds, voice calls are often neglected. Of course, most postpaid plans now come with unlimited domestic phone calls and SMS but not much has changed when it comes to call quality.

VoLTE is the next evolution of voice by delivering high-quality audio across a data network instead of a circuit-switched voice network. Does it make a difference? We’ve tried it out and the difference is crystal clear.

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Yes rolls out LTE. Widest 4G coverage with VoLTE support


Yes is making a comeback and they are doing it with a huge bang. The WiMAX operator under YTL Communications is now rolling out its 4G LTE service, making them the fifth choice when it comes to 4G LTE mobile services.

According to its CEO, Mr. Wing K. Lee, Yes is Malaysia’s first 4G network to have a massive 85% population coverage. That’s quite an impressive feat and as comparison, Maxis’ 4G LTE coverage currently stands at 82%.

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Can Yes deliver the best 4G LTE network in the country?


What is your ideal 4G LTE network? If you ask anyone, most would answer lots of cheap data. Personally, I would prefer a network with coverage that’s wide enough that I wouldn’t even need to worry about it.

For almost 10 years, most Malaysians have a choice of 4 mobile networks, namely Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile. This year, things are starting to change as more operators are entering the space.

Webe, formerly known as P1 has been launched but their full commercial services are yet to be seen until the second half of this year. This week, Yes is expected to introduce its 4G LTE service and they could go to market ahead of Webe.

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Samsung Galaxy J (2016) is launching in Malaysia with a new 4G LTE service?


After introducing the Galaxy A (2016) series, Samsung Malaysia is now turning its attention to its new Galaxy J series for 2016. These are their entry-level offering which helped to drive volumes for the Korean smartphone maker. There will be 3 models – the Galaxy J1, J5 and the J7.

Unlike other events, this launch involves a telco which has been quiet for some time. If you can’t wait for webe, this could be the next telco to look out for.

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Yes offers the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at RM799


UPDATE: Yes’ Super 168 still remains at RM168/month. You’ll need to pay RM93.28/month inclusive of GST after receiving the “monthly rebates”.

Want a different way of owning the Galaxy S7 edge? 4G WiMAX operator Yes is offering the Samsung flagship at RM799 (before GST). Unlike other telcos, Yes is offering it with their MiFi broadband bundle and it packs quite a punch at RM88/month.

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Hype up the Year of the Monkey with these 8 red devices

Prosperity comes in red packages — this post is presented to you by Yes.

Yet another new year has begun, can you feel it? Well, you would definitely have heard it because malls, stores, and even some restaurants have been playing festive songs all month long.

Lively music wasn’t the only thing that came with the Year of the Monkey, red/gold decorations have also adorned every nook and cranny of nearly every building. To commemorate the new year, you will also undoubtedly want to deck yourself out in red coloured gear. But, where do you start?

Well, if you’re interested in tech, here’s a list of 8 different gadgets that will surely give you that ong glow.

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Guess who else is about to roll out 4G LTE in Malaysia?


Next year would be exciting with TM finally rolling out its full 4G LTE services. Competition is always good for us consumers and this could be a wake-up call to existing operators to buck up, or risk losing its customers.

So in total, you’ll have Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U Mobile and TM as the 5 key 4G LTE telcos in the country. Is that enough? Well, it appears a new player is about to jump into the ring.

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Yes offers Samsung Galaxy S6 with Huddle XS MiFi bundling


If you’re looking to buy a Galaxy S6 on contract but not from Celcom, Digi or Maxis, you can probably consider this option from 4G WiMAX operator Yes. Instead of a usual smart phone mobile plan, Yes is bundling it together with its Super Postpaid Broadband package that comes with a Huddle XS MiFi hotspot.

The Galaxy S6 which retails at RM2,599 (with GST) can be yours at RM846.94 (inclusive of 6% GST) with 24 months contract of Yes Super 158 plan (10GB).

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