Unlimited Data

Yes now has an unlimited 4G LTE Home Broadband plan

Yes unlimited home broadband

Just recently, both Celcom and Unifi have introduced their LTE-based home wireless broadband plans. They are a hassle-free solution for those who can’t get fibre connectivity for the home. Despite Celcom offering up to 1TB of data for video streaming, there are those who prefer unlimited quota without costing a bomb.

If you’re looking for an alternative, Yes is now offering unlimited LTE data that you can enjoy from as low as RM99.

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Hotlink’s new RED Prepaid offers unlimited data for social and chat apps

Prepaid is getting even competitive in Malaysia as telcos are dishing out more data with free unlimited features. Just recently, U Mobile had introduced its latest prepaid offering that offers unlimited data for music, social, instant messaging plus extra data for video streaming.

If you’re looking for a different network, Hotlink has responded with their new RED prepaid plan. Instead of offering free 999GB data just for Facebook, the new plan comes with free non-stop internet for either social and chat apps.

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Finally, a mobile plan that has a truly unlimited plan with no speed cap

This post is brought to you by U Mobile

From the telco that gave the most data in town, comes a new postpaid plan that’s even more awesome. With more unlimited plans popping up in the local scene, U Mobile wants to unlock your smartphone’s full potential with a plan that gives you unrestricted freedom at an unbeatable price. It’s the ultimate plan for the speed demon in you.

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