Petition asking for an “unbiased” Communications and Multimedia Minister appears online

The Communications and Multimedia Minister has made several of public statements recently especially about TM and it seems there are a number of people that don’t agree with his approach so much so that a petition calling for his replacement has appeared on the popular petitions website, change.org. At the time of writing, the petition has amassed over 4,500 virtual signatures. 

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TM appoints Imri Mokhtar as acting Group CEO

Left: Datuk Bazlan Osman, Right: Imri Mokhtar

We’ve just received an update that TM‘s current acting Group CEO (AGCEO), Datuk Bazlan Osman has resigned. He took the leading role after the resignation of the previous CEO, Dato Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly, in June this year. He has also given his notice of resignation as the Executive Director (ED) of TM which will take effect on 28 February 2019.

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Unifi Turbo upgrades: Good intentions flawed by poor execution?

UPDATE: TM has responded to our concerns. Find their full response below.

Malaysia has been through quite the fibre renaissance recently. Spearheaded by the nation’s largest fibre broadband provider — Telekom MalaysiaUnifi‘s Turbo initiative ushered in a new age of fibre for the country. Not only were ISPs across the board providing faster speeds than ever before, we’ve also seen a considerable reduction in price-per-Mbps so a high-speed fibre connection is now more affordable than ever too.

But, in the midst of this wonderful news, was fa big messy ball of yarn that was Unifi’s plan for rolling out the Unifi Turbo speed upgrades. At first, we were led to believe that this messy situation was inevitable, but subsequent fibre revamps by other ISPs like Maxis Fibre and TIME Fibre proved that this was a problem that was entirely avoidable. What went wrong?

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Here are the top performing mobile networks in KL, JB, Ipoh, Melaka and Penang according to OpenSignal

OpenSignal has just published a new State of Mobile Report for Malaysia and this time they are giving a clearer look at 5 big cities in Peninsular Malaysia. In the last report that was published in April this year, Maxis took first place in download speeds across both 4G and 3G. With the latest report, Maxis continues to lead while Celcom has also shown improvement when it comes to speed and 4G availability.

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TIME responds to Unifi’s Turbo upgrade by offering up to 5X faster speeds

UPDATE: Existing TIME customers are automatically upgraded to faster speeds without any changes to their contract. 100Mbps gets 500Mbps while 300Mbps and 500Mbps customers will get upgraded to 1Gbps.

There’s never been a more exciting time for fibre broadband in Malaysia. Two months ago, TM had announced their Unifi Turbo upgrade plans with speeds of up to 800Mbps, while Maxis and Celcom had also slashed prices for their fibre home broadband offering.

Now it appears that TIME has finally responded to TM by offering speed upgrades of their own. You can get a 1Gbps Fibre Broadband plan for less than RM300/month.

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