Unboxed: Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic


Samsung’s latest round smart watches, the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic are now available at selected countries including Singapore. At S$448 (RM1,374) for the standard Gear S2 and S$548 (RM1,681) for the classic variant, they are more expensive than its former square faced wearables. When compared to the Apple Watch, it is still cheaper considering the base 38mm Watch Sport is going for S$518 (RM1,589).

Like all gadget devices, Samsung wants to share the unboxing experience with their very own official unboxing video. The packaging is rather similar to the Moto 360 with a circular box which pops right open from the top. Inside you’ll find the standard manual, a power adapter and a induction charger that’s similar to the Moto 360. The straps are interchangeable too and also seen are 2 different sizes to fit various wrists. In terms of support, the Gear S2 isn’t exclusive to Galaxy devices and it works with a wide range of Android smart phones with Android 4.4 KitKat and over 1.5GB of RAM.

Watch the official Gear S2 video after the break.

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Unboxed: The Apple Watch Sport


The Apple Watch is widely seen as a game changer for wearable device this year. Like the iPhone, it isn’t the first smart watch, but Apple is expected to bring something new to the table which hopefully sets a new standard on how a smart watch should be.

While availability of the Apple Watch is limited only to a handful of countries, we managed to get one from Sydney, Australia just to find out if it is any good. To recap, there are 3 versions available – The Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. For the sake of trying it out, we got the cheapest of the lot, which is the Apple Watch Sport which costs us about RM1,600 (A$579) for the 42mm version.

If you’re wondering how is Apple packaging their wearable device, check out our unboxing after the break.

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VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition gets unboxed


Can’t wait for next week? Samsung Mobile has just released its official unboxing video of its Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition. The S6 edge itself comes in red with metal frames surrounding the edge and its camera. Also included in the box is a wireless charger with an arc reactor design on top.

The Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition will be limited in quantities and sold only at selected countries. According to Samsung’s official blog, the limited edition device will be available in South Korea on 27th May, followed by China and Hong Kong in June. At the moment, the standard Galaxy S6 edge with 32GB storage is sold at RM3,099 while its larger 64GB version is priced at RM3,599. To get to know the Galaxy S6 edge better, you can refer to our review.

Check out the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man limited edition unboxing video after the break.

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Unboxed: ASUS ZenFone 4


There are plenty of cheap and cheerful smart phones in the market but those who are scraping the barrel would prefer something even cheaper. If you are extremely tight in budget and refuse to settle for a feature phone, you still can get a decent device with the ASUS ZenFone 4. Priced at RM299, this is ASUS lowest entry smart phone that’s impressive in the spec and features department.

It gets a decent 4″ display that does 800×480 pixels resolution and the smart phone build is quite solid with the back having a more upmarket matte finishing. Even the front display is toughen with Gorilla Glass 3 which is probably a first for a smart phone in this price range. It is no slouch either as it runs on a Dual-Core 1.2GHz Intel Atom Z2520 processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. If you need more, there’s also a microSD slot which supports up to 64GB.

For imaging, it gets a decent 5MP camera which is even capable of shooting Full HD 1080p videos. The front camera however settles for a low resolution VGA unit. While it lacks the PixelMaster features of its bigger models, it still gets a couple of high-end smart phone features like HDR, Time Rewind, Selfie and even Best Smile. Although the removable battery is just 1,200mAh capacity, ASUS Malaysia has thrown in another spare battery as an added bonus.

Check out the unboxing video after the break.

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Unboxed: Xiaomi Mi 3


The Xiaomi Mi 3 will go on sale in Malaysia this 20th May at an incredible price of just RM889. It packs high-spec internals with a 5″ Full HD (1920×1080) display and runs on a top end 2.3GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM. If you’re wondering what comes in the box, we’ve just unboxed one for your viewing pleasure.

Xiaomi looks at cost very seriously and they’ve cut out unnecessary spending in marketing and distribution by selling their products direct to consumers. The cost saving trend can also be seen in their packaging as well. The Mi 3 box is obviously no frills but it is decent enough to deliver the goods in perfect. The contents of the box is pretty simple. Apart from the usual documentations, you get the phone, a charger and a micro USB cable. Even headphones are not included but it is available as an optional item on Xiaomi’s online store.

For our review, we’ve gotten a China unit that comes with a US-styled 2 prong 1A charger but for Malaysia, Xiaomi will be including a 3-prong UK charger. As users may use different sim card sizes, 2 SIM Trays (micro-SIM and mini-SIM ) will be included in the box. The decision of including 2 different trays was to ensure that users can use the device straight away without being hampered by incompatible SIMs.

Watch the unboxing with hands-on photos of the Xiaomi Mi 3 after the break.

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Unboxed: Samsung Gear 2


Earlier on we’ve unboxed the Samsung Galaxy S5 and now we turn our attention to its Gear 2 Smart Watch. The Gear 2 offers more features than the Gear Fit as it includes a 2MP camera, an infrared blaster a loudspeaker and built-in mic. The Gear 2 is priced at RM899, which is RM300 more than the Gear Fit at RM599.

Since it runs on Tizen OS, the Gear 2 opens up more possibility which allows you to install 3rd party apps. As comparison, the Gear Fit isn’t running on Tizen but instead it uses a simpler Real Time Operating System that’s designed to run specific tasks. The Gear 2 also gets a heart rate sensor and IP67 rated dust/water resistance which is also found on the Gear Fit.

New on the Gear 2 is a home button below the screen while the 1.63″ screen is similar with the previous Galaxy Gear that pushes 320×320 pixels on a Super AMOLED display. You can check out the specs comparison between the two over here.

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Unboxed: Samsung Galaxy S5


We have just gotten a new Samsung Galaxy S5 and it is time for an unboxing video. The official retail unit that we have comes in Charcoal Black colour and has 16GB on-board which is the standard size available in Malaysia. The packaging is pretty much the same as before with a wooden grain pattern. It is made out of environmental friendly materials and is printed with soy-based ink.

Inside you get a new 3-prong charger which comes in a single piece design that’s more compact than before. The previous chargers from Samsung usually come in 2 pieces, which is cumbersome to pack. The charger is rated at 2.0 Amp, which should charge the Galaxy S5 fairly quickly. You’ll also get the standard pair of in-ear headphones and a couple of extra ear buds of different sizes.

While the Galaxy S5 supports micro USB 3.0 like the Galaxy Note 3, the box came with a standard micro USB 2.0 cable. Charging wise, it shouldn’t make much of a difference however if you wish to transfer files at faster rates, you would need to get a micro USB 3.0 cable that comes with a wider head.

Just to recap on the specs, the Galaxy S5 features a 5.1″ Full HD AMOLED display and it’s running on the latest 2.5GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 processor with 2GB of RAM. It gets a 16MP camera that shoots 4K videos while the front comes with a 2MP camera. New on the Galaxy S5 is a fingerprint scanner on the home button while the back features a heart rate sensor. The battery on the Galaxy S5 is bigger than before with a 2,800mAh removable battery. This time, Samsung has also added water and dust resistance to the Galaxy S5 with IP67 rating. Since the back cover is removable, you’ll need to be extra sure that the back cover and micro-USB flap cover is closed properly to prevent water from seeping into the device.

Check out our Galaxy S5 unboxing video after the break with additional images of the box contents.

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Unboxed: Pebble Steel Smart Watch


After its success with the original Pebble, the smart watch maker had announced the Pebble Steel, its premium version of its popular Smart Watch. We’ve placed our order as soon as it was announced during CES 2014 and it finally arrived last week. At US$100 more than the original plastic based Pebble, it maintains the same display and inner workings but furnished with more premium materials. The front comes with a similar 1.26″ ePaper display that does a 144×168 pixels resolution in black and white.

So what do you get out of the box? Firstly the smart watch body is more upmarket with a metal body and nice metallic buttons. The front surface is now glass which is toughen with Corning Gorilla Glass and Pebble now has also included a Tri-Colour LED notification light placed at the bottom left. It still charges using a magnetic cable dock which is of a different design that isn’t backward compatible with the previous version.

There are 2 colour options available – Brushed Stainless Steel and Matte Black. Whichever colour you choose, Pebble is giving a black leather strap as standard which is fastened by default out of the box. While the Pebble Steel comes with an instruction manual on replacing the strap, we are disappointed that the required mini flat head screwdriver isn’t included in the box. That’s as bad as buying an Ikea furniture without an Allen Key or buying a smart phone without a pin to eject your micro SIM slot. With a premium asking price, Pebble could have included a small screwdriver for ease of changing the strap.

When we compare the Pebble Steel with its predecessor, the overall footprint is smaller with narrower width and shorter height. However the weight of the new Pebble Steel is 56 grams with the leather strap and a rather heavy 99 grams with the steel strap. As comparison, the original plastic pebble is much lighter at 38 grams. One gripe which we would like to highlight is the rough edges where the metal frame meets the glass on the watch face. The sides are noticeably sharp and rough which could probably cause a minor cut on the fingers, something we didn’t expect with a “premium” product.

Overall, the Pebble Steel is a material upgrade over the original Pebble, but we would have expected more from its US$100 extra price tag. A new rival in wearables is Qualcomm’s Toq smart watch which we’ve previewed at Mobile World Congress. Also priced at US$249, the Toq offers more functionalities with direct access to contacts, address books and the display pushes colours with its Mirasol technology. The Pebble smart watch was one of our favourites for basic notification on the wrist, but with emerging choices it is hard to justify the price with competition like Samsung catching up aggressively with more features.

Watch our hands-on of the Pebble Steel after the break.

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Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy Note 3


The Galaxy Note 3 is a marked improvement over its predecessor. For starters the Note 3 is slimmer, lighter and faster than the Note 2. Among large format smartphones, the Note 3 is packed with the latest of everything — the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor is top of the line, the 13MP camera shoots 4K videos, its Cat4 LTE radio is capable of download speeds up to 150Mbps and 50Mbps uploads. The 3GB RAM is an industry first as is the micro USB 3.0 port that provides faster data transfers and charging, and its 5.7-inch 1080p full HD super AMOLED display has a pixel density of 386ppi is over 120ppi more than the Note 2 (265ppi)

But has the Note 3 moved the innovation needle? Hardly.

The build quality is as plastic as any cheap made in China device. This is sad considering that the Note 3, like most if not all Samsung devices, is made in Korea. The leather textured back cover promises a premium feel but in reality, the Note 3 is unapologetically, unapologetically plastic and the leather texture does nothing to improve the tactile feel of the device.

In terms of hardware design, the Note 3 doesn’t deviate much from the Samsung template. Next to devices that boast hardware features like dual-front speakers with dedicated amplifiers or a fully water-proof design, the Note 3 looks decidedly plain. Basically, the Note 3 doesn’t feel or look special.

So do we recommend it?

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Unboxed: Samsung Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S4 was just launched in Malaysia last weekend with the Octa-Core version at RM2,199. To recap, the Octa-Core version (i9500) comes with 8 cores which runs in either 1.6GHz quad-core or a 1.2GHz quad-core sets for maximum efficiency. If you’re looking for 4G LTE support, there’s the 1.9GHz Quad-Core version (i9505) which supports our local LTE bands and that model will be coming a bit later.

In terms of packaging, the box looks rather unique and it is better than the Galaxy S III with its wooden grain design. The box is rather eco-friendly with the usage of 100% recycled paper and soy-based ink for printing. Inside the box, you’ll get your typical manuals, white colour USB cable, headphones with buds and power adapter. Since this is a black mist colour unit, we would prefer if they provided the accompanying cables and plugs in black instead.

In the hands, the Galaxy S4 feels just like its predecessor. Build of the device doesn’t wow us but it feels good in the hands with its thinner dimensions. The back panel is very reflective on the Black Mist as if it is a mirror with dotted spots all over. As comparison, the Frost White version has a solid glossy white look.

Watch the unboxing of the Galaxy S4 after the break.

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