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U Mobile’s Mobile LiveTV is No More


U Mobile’s claim to fame product has apparently been scrapped.

Reports from sources close to us have revealed that the 3G operator’s Mobile LiveTV is no longer available.

Mobile LiveTV is U Mobile’s brand of live TV content distributed via DVB-H technology. What is DVB-H? Simply put, it’s like Astro (which uses DVB broadcast standard) but is developed for applications in mobile devices.

Unlike streaming TV where the TV content is downloaded and is not broadcast live. DVB-H delivers TV content to your phone live in real time. Of course, you’ll need a DVB-H device (like the crappy Nokia N77 or the awesomely overpriced Nokia N96).

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U Mobile Viral Movie Contest

U Mobile just launched a viral movie contest for a soon to be released movie, Babylon A.D. starring our very own Michelle Yeoh and Vin Diesel.

By the looks of it there are exclusive movie premier ticket to be won. It’ll be interesting to see how the contest mechanics will be.

Check it out here.

MNP in Malaysia: Nationwide by October 2008

MNP in Malaysia has been hot on the lips of telcos recently as it is seen as a big shake up in the communication business. After a long wait, MCMC has finally confirmed that MNP or better known as Mobile Number Portability will kick off in the Klang Valley by September before it is implemented Nationwide by October.

What is MNP?
If you haven’t heard of it, MNP allows mobile subscribers to keep their mobile numbers including its prefix with them if they wish to switch to a different operator. Currently, there are 4 main operators in the country and the prefixes (010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019) are fixed with the registered operators.

If a user is a Maxis subscriber bearing 012-1234567, he/she won’t be able to bring this number with them when switching to a different operator. This has become a big barrier for consumers who wish to switch as mobile numbers tend to be a personal identity which many won’t want to lose.

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U Mobile now has 100,000 subscribers

U Mobile has issued a press release that it has achieved 100,000 subscribers since April 2008. This figure should include their first U38 Postpaid plan together with the new postpaid and prepaid plans.

“We are grateful that consumers have much confidence with U Mobile in a short time span. This is an achievement that we are all very happy with and we have our customers to thank for this. This achievement is also testament to the appeal of per-second billing to our customers who are looking at more and more ways in which they can save especially during times of rising cost,” said Mr. Oh Kwang-Jin, Chief Executive Office of U Mobile Sdn Bhd.

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U Mobile New Postpaid: U38, U68 & U98

Along with their U Mobile 018 Prepaid, U Mobile has introduced 3 new postpaid plans earlier this month, namely U38, U68 & U98. U38 is not an entirely new product as it was launched several months earlier as U Mobile’s first postpaid commercial offering in April.

Since U Mobile is pushing on their per second billing, U38 was revised from having 15 seconds block to 1 second block and reduced their off net rate slightly from 28 sen/minute to 24 sen/minute (0.4 sen/sec).

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U Mobile 018 Prepaid

Call The Shots
U Mobile's new Korean CEO telling you to Call the Shots

Nearly a year after U Mobile was made public, they are creating new waves with their new “Call the Shots” campaign. This time, U Mobile is proving that they mean business by introducing several new plans that caters to customer need.

One which was certainly to look forward to is U Mobile’s prepaid offering. It is no doubt that prepaid subscribers made up for the biggest chunk of the mobile subscribers and let’s take a look at what U Mobile has to offer.

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