U Mobile Hero Postpaid

This postpaid has so much unlimited, you’ll be struggling to finish your quota

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If you can’t live without social media, then U Mobile has all the right postpaid plans for you. U Mobile is offering FREE UNLIMITED data for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on all of their postpaid plans with App-Onz. Yes, you read that right. Not 3GB, not 5GB, not 10GB but UNLIMITED data that you can use anytime, any day.

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Can’t finish your 30GB Hero P98 Postpaid quota? Now you can share at RM20 per line.


U Mobile’s P98 Hero Postpaid plan is the most generous in the market with an epic 30GB of data for just RM98/month. With Video-onz now including YouTube and Facebook videos into its free streaming lineup, it is almost impossible for most people to finish their monthly quota.

Now the orange telco has introduced an even cheaper way to share your data or you can get a spare data SIM for just RM20/line.

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Compared: Best postpaid plans with unlimited calls and lots of data for you and your family


Customers are really getting spoilt for choice when it comes to postpaid plans. After Celcom and Digi announced their latest offering, Maxis went out to boost their current MaxisONE Plans with even more data.

On top of that, they have also upgraded their MaxisONE Share supplementary lines with a new DataPool feature. Similar to U Mobile’s Hero Postpaid Plus, DataPool lets you combine your overall data and you can share it across your supplementary accounts.

So which postpaid plan is the best for your household? Read on to find out.

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Postpaid Plans Compared: Celcom FIRST Platinum and Digi Postpaid 80 versus the rest


Following Maxis’ move to upgrade their MaxisONE and SurfMore 50 plans with more quota, the competition continues to shake things up. Celcom has announced an even higher postpaid plan with larger quota while Digi has introduced a new plan (sort of) with more data for the weekends. Not to be left out, U Mobile has also extended its P70 Hero postpaid’s extra 8GB promo until the end of 2016.

So how do the new plans stack up? Read on for our full comparison.

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Compared: New upgraded MaxisOne Plan vs the rest


UPDATE: Celcom and Digi have introduced new plans with more data. Check out the latest postpaid comparison here.

Maxis has finally responded to the recent postpaid price war by upgrading all MaxisONE plans with up to 9GB of extra data. These new upgraded plans will be rolled out to all new and existing subscribers by the end of this month. While waiting for that to kick in, Maxis is giving 3GB extra data next week to all MaxisONE plan customers.

So how does Maxis’ postpaid offering compare against the rest? It’s time for another round of postpaid comparison.

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