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Touch N Go responds to backlash; suspends cumbersome mobile reload function

Touch N Go suspends mobile app reload

A few days ago, Touch N Go had introduced its mobile app which lets you reload your physical Touch N Go card. This is a feature which many users have been waiting for. Imagine being able to top up your card at any time and at anywhere with your smartphone.

However, for those who have tried it, it turns out that the reload function isn’t as convenient as it seems. With complaints pouring in, Touch N Go has suspended this reload channel until further notice.

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This has to be the stupidest way to top up your Touch N Go card ever

UPDATE: Touch N Go suspends their mobile reload feature. Here’s their full statement.

Reloading a Touch N Go (TNG) card has always been a pain in the butt. While the introduction of those TNG terminals in shopping malls is a nice touch, it’s still super inconvenient that you can’t just reload online or through an app.

That is, until now. We discovered recently that TNG released a new app that allows you to reload your card right from your smartphone. But, this is Touch N Go we’re talking about, so of course there’s some silly, confounding catch that makes things a whole lot more inconvenient than it should be. In fact, it’s so unnecessarily complex that it almost plays itself out like the three stages in a magic trick.

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