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Unifi Mobile tells you to reload when you actually don’t have to

Unifi Mobile Credit Expiry

Just recently, it was brought to our attention that some Unifi Mobile customers have received an SMS informing them to purchase an add-on in order to remain active. This came as a surprise since TM’s new mobile plan was all about non-expiring credits (#KreditTakMati) and you can pay at any time and only when you need to (#BayarBilaBila).

We’ve reached out to TM and they have issued us with an official statement.

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Unifi Mobile customers unclear about #KreditTakMati terms

UPDATE: TM has issued a statement to clarify its Unifi Mobile #KreditTakMati validity terms.

When TM introduced Unifi Mobile, they wanted to disrupt the telco space with an offering that’s different from convention. The biggest two propositions are #KreditTakMati and #BayarBilaBila which basically means your credits will never expire and you can pay at any time. With 1 million free SIMs to be given away with 20GB of LTE data, it’s an offer that’s hard to refuse.

When we first posted a quick guide on Unifi Mobile, there were a lot of questions on the plan’s validity. Do you need to top up every month? and are you truly able to keep your bundled calls, sms and data with no expiry?

According to their current FAQ on their website, it’s mentioned that your Unifi Mobile line will be active as long as there’s an outgoing usage, perform a reload or purchase an add-on within 90 days. That sounds pretty straightforward but recently there are users that received an SMS with a contradicting message.

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The Unifi Mobile free 20GB #bebas offer is no more

Unifi mobile 20GB free LTE Data

TM has stopped offering its 20GB free data SIM offer a month after they had introduced its new Unifi Mobile service. Before this, anyone can register for a free Unifi Mobile SIM Pack which comes preloaded with 20GB of LTE data with bundled calls and SMS. On top of that, each individual can register up to 5 SIM cards and you can collect it for free at your nearest TM Unifi outlet.

If you haven’t registered for a Unifi Mobile SIM, here’s their new offer.

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