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The clash of (rumoured) flagships: LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7


The Mobile World Congress has always been an exciting event for mobile enthusiasts. Tons of new phones, tons of new devices and a whole lot of people. But smartphone manufacturers have begun to hijack the crowd that will be going to MWC and have their own launch event just before it.

Two tech giants have done exactly that — LG and Samsung — but while it was very likely the LG G5 would be revealed on 21 February, we never had any confirmation…until now. LG USA has released three teaser images featuring the number 5 plus a caption reading #LGG5, February 21st. #MWC2016″. #Hype?

Worth noting that LG USA has since removed the tweet. Was it a blunder or an intentional tease?

This means the G5 and Samsung’s dynamic Galaxy S7 duo will go head to head on the same day. While we’ve heard a lot of exciting specs about these two devices, we want to know is, which would you get?

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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL review: A beautiful mess


Windows Phone has never had a proper champion. Not one that was on par with the big boys at Android. Much like Apple, it always banked on its “OS optimisations” to keep things running smooth despite the less than stellar specifications. This time, though, it seems Microsoft have come out swinging, pulling out all the stops for their latest device, the Lumia 950 XL.

Is it any good though?

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 flagships have almost nothing left to show after press renders leak


What else does the Korean tech conglomerate have to put on stage after almost every single detail of its upcoming flagships the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have already been leaked?

Dearly referred to as the “King of leakers” by the BBC, the notorious Evan Blass aka @evleaks has been the source of all things tech online. Be warned, this man is revered by tech journalist all over and he’s someone Samsung doesn’t want nosing around their business.

At it again, Mr Blass has released press renders of the two Galaxy S7 devices and we’re convinced that they’re real.

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Samsung Galaxy A 2016 hands on and first impressions


When I found out that the new Galaxy A 2016 series from Samsung was going to borrow design cues from their Galaxy S flagship lineup, I was definitely intrigued. With the Galaxy S6, the South Korean electronics company showed that they could do “premium” incredibly well and I wondered if that aspect would carry over to the Galaxy A lineup, or if it would just be a half-arsed rehash.

Well, when I arrived at the launch venue floor, that thought was quickly answered.

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Windows Phone has died, here’s why we think it will stay dead


A recent post by The Verge announced the death of the Windows Phone platform. What started out as a promising third player in the mobile OS game was quickly shot down.

In a recent report by the IDC, it showed that in the recent quarter, about 400 million smartphones were sold and if you compare that to Microsoft’s earnings report, only 4.5 million of them were Lumia devices. That’s 1.1% of the market share. To contrast, Samsung moved around 85 million devices in that same quarter.

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Houston, we have confirmation — Galaxy S7 and S7 edge screen sizes revealed

It’s been a trying couple of weeks as the brains behind the tech journalism world attempted to figure out what exactly were the specifications for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. Some said there could be as many as four models launched at the same time while others dismissed that right out of the bat. There was never any official confirmation beyond an entry in the Indonesian certification agency (which has been removed) and an exclusive by SamMobile.

Now, though, thanks to Indian import-export tracker Zauba, we at least have confirmation of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge’s screen sizes.

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Huawei P9 to come in four models — one of which has a dual-camera set up

Big smartphone manufacturers seem to love adding variants to their popular devices so you can pretty much expect at least two versions of what is essentially the same smartphone (or at least under the same line) that will cater to different people’s needs. Huawei isn’t bucking this trend as new information has surfaced that they’re launching four different variants of their upcoming P9 handset — one more than last year. What’s more, the fourth device will feature a dual rear camera setup.

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Sometimes it’s all about the feel: What’s the best phone you’ve held?


Pick up your phone, yes that one. The one that’s never more than an arm’s reach from you at all times. The one that has probably been in the bathroom with you more times than the toilet roll has. Yes, that one.

Of course, if you’re already reading this on your smartphone then I do apologise for being an idiot by choosing this intro, but I digress.

How does your smartphone feel? And no, I don’t mean this in a metaphorical out-of-body-experience sense, I mean this in a literal sense. We spend every waking moment (some sleeping) of our lives holding onto a little brick that probably weighs no more than a really heavy spoon at a posh restaurant, but most of us put little to no thought into how a device feels in the hand when deciding on a purchase. It’s all about specs and that’s rather unfortunate.

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