Samsung Gear S2

Upcoming Samsung fitness tracker looks like a fitter and leaner Gear S2


While the Samsung Gear S2 has been a popular wearable with its refreshing circular design and rugged good looks, this device is still a-mid-to-high-end smartwatch which means that it is — for the most part — inaccessible to a large majority of the public. In fact, most smartwatches suffer this same fate, which is why fitness trackers that are cheaper but still retain many smartwatch functions, like Fitbit‘s lineup, have been immensely popular.

Well, Samsung wants to try their hand at shaking up the budget fitness tracker market as the company is allegedly working on a fitness tracker with a new, dare we say revolutionary, feature up its sleeve.

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Samsung will make the Gear S2 work with your iPhone


If you’re using an iPhone and don’t want to spend money on a square watch, here’s another alternative. The folks at Samsung has officially confirmed that they are adding iOS support for its current Gear S2 smartwatches.

This follows the earlier rumour however it is happening only later this year without specific dates. Similar with Android Wear powered smartwatches, the Gear S2 is expected to lose some functionality when it’s paired to an iPhone but it should work with your standard day to day notifications.

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Now anyone can design their own Samsung Gear S2 Watchface


A smart watch is a personal thing and you would want to have a look that’s uniquely you. If the current watchfaces for the Gear S2 doesn’t tickle you fancy, why not make one on your own?

Samsung has just released its Gear Watch Designer, a designing tool that allows you to create watchfaces without complex programming. If you’re already a designer you can get started immediately with its familiar Adobe Flash-like interface.

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Samsung rolls out an important update for the Gear S2

Traditional timepieces are still adored by the masses but when you have an accessory that tells the time and lives on your wrist, your (smart)watch by all means, should last you through the week; that is unless you’re using a Samsung Gear S2. Through our experience with this smartwatch, it definitely doesn’t come close to the manufacturer’s quoted two-three day battery life; mostly lasting us a day and a half at most.

If you’re like us and are unhappy about the battery life on your new Samsung smartwatch, this new software update might just give you a little extra time – see what we did there.

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