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Samsung to fix its native keyboard vulnerability issue with KNOX


UPDATE: To ensure you get the security policy update, follow the steps after the break.

Yesterday we reported that Samsung’s pre-installed keyboard had an exploit that could completely compromise your phone. Samsung has now announced that it is taking care of the problem using their own KNOX security feature. While the keyboard looks nothing like SwiftKey, its the SDK that Samsung uses for their word predictive feature that makes it vulnerable.

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Samsung’s default keyboard is vulnerable to open attacks


UPDATE: Samsung addresses the keyboard vulnerability issue using KNOX.

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini, Note 3, Galaxy S5 or the more recent Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6, we have a bit of bad news for you. Samsung’s built-in stock keyboard apparently has an exploit that might potentially allow people to execute code remotely on your phone no thanks to a flaw in the SwiftKey software.

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We asked you to vote for the best camera phone right now and here are the results

Last week, we posted a series of pictures taken using the Galaxy S6 edge, the iPhone 6, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z3. Then we asked you to choose which of the phones took the best pictures, to make it fair (and interesting), we didn’t tell you which picture was taken using which device.

You’ve diligently ranked the pictures and we’ve tabulated the results, and here they are.

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Watch HTC knock its competitors out of the park. Literally!

htc bats

HTC’s latest ad involves more than just a whole bunch of shiny new phones but also a bit of baseball fun as they’ve enlisted world class second baseman hitter Robinson Cano to knock them out of the park.

They quite literally set up a makeship pitcher’s mound and lobbed Cano an iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 to obliterate in glorious slow motion. Who doesn’t enjoy a little uh, friendly competition?

Catch it yourself after the break.

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Camera shootout: Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note Edge vs Galaxy S5 vs Xperia Z3. You decide the winner


UPDATE: We have a winning camera as chosen by you. Read all about it here.

Camera performance in a smartphone is a HUGE deal. It’s such a big deal that many place their purchasing decision predominantly on how well a smartphone takes pictures. So how good are the cameras in among the best smartphones you can get right now?

That’s where you come in.

We have here for you, a selection of pictures taken using five of the best smartphones on the planet: Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z3. We want you to decide which of the five phones take the best picture. The samples are arranged randomly and what you need to do is rank the pictures from your choice of best to worst using the letters display.

For example, here’s how a reader might rank the pictures in Set 1, from best to worst: C, D, E, B, A. Then the reader proceeds to rank sets 2 – 4. Submit your votes in the comment section, we’ll tabulate your submission and reveal which phone, chosen by you, has the best camera.

Voting closes Sunday, April 5 and we’ll reveal the winner on Monday April 6. Enjoy.

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The Galaxy S6 camera is awesome. Here are 5 reasons why

This post is brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 edge – Created from the ground up, defines What’s Next.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge boast improved cameras for both front and back. The current GALAXY Note 4 was proven to be a stellar performer with a 16MP main camera. Now on the latest flagship, it gets a similar main camera but Samsung has tweaked it further for better pictures at any time.

For those who love to take selfies, the front now gets a better 5MP camera that should capture more detail than the front 3.7MP unit on the GALAXY Note 4. So how does the Galaxy S6 compare against the GALAXY Note 4 and its former GALAXY S5 flagship? Read on to find out.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 lets you disable native apps for slimmer TouchWiz


Samsung’s TouchWiz from the Note 4 onwards does feel pretty nimble but Galaxy S6 users are going an even better deal now that you can disable native apps from running altogether.

While you cannot remove the apps completely, you can stop them from running and slowing down your phone, as bloatware is a persistent problem with Samsung’s phones. The new TouchWiz reportedly takes up 30% less space compared to what’s on the Galaxy S5, and you will be able to disable a host of native apps inclusive the ones from Google as well as Microsoft’s OneDrive and Skype.

You can even disable S Health, S Voice and even Calculator or Maps if you see fit, but some functions might be affected without crucial apps such as Google Maps. But if you truly want a more streamlined experience, you’ll finally get to kick all that bloatware to the curb.

 Check out the video after the break.

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Silent Mode returns to the Samsung Galaxy S5

Silent/Mute mode for the Samsung Galaxy S5 makes a return, after being replaced by an Interruptions setting which muted everything including alarms, with its Android 5.0 Lollipop update.

After hearing numerous complaints, Samsung has brought the mode back with a software update and placed it under the notifications tray as a quick settings toggle which is good because it shows that the Korean company does indeed listen to it’s customers. The update, build build G900FXXU1BOB7 so far has only been released for the G900F variant of the Galaxy S5.

The update is already starting to roll out in the UK, and Malaysia should be getting it very soon.


Maxis offers up to RM1,000 off on smart phones and extra data for top ups


Maxis is giving extra offers for this coming Chinese New Year 2015. For Samsung smart phones, they are offering up to RM1,000 off its retail price when you buy it on contract with its MaxisOne Plans. The Galaxy Note 4 which used to be offered from RM1,699 can be yours for RM1,488. For that extra touch of prosperity, Maxis is offering the Galaxy Note 4 in Bronze Gold colour. Meanwhile the Galaxy S5 (also in Gold) is now going for RM788. Other Samsung smart phones on offer also includes the Galaxy Mega 2 for RM188 and the Galaxy Ace Style which is offered for free on contract.

The offer also comes with auspicious golden numbers with double digits and they are tied with 24 months contract of MaxisOne Plan at RM128/month. As usual, there will be upfront payments required which is usually equivalent to 4 months subscription fee. This will be used to rebate back to your month bills.

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