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Samsung Galaxy S II Plus now available at RM1,000


With Galaxy S 4 has been announced and the Galaxy S III price being slashed but you’re still looking for something that’s new and affordable? You might want to consider the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus, which is a refresh of the popular Galaxy S II. It is priced at just RM1,000 but this is a AP set which comes with 1 year warranty from the online retailer.

In terms of specs, it retains the same 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus at 800×480 pixels resolution, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP main camera but storage is smaller at 8GB which can be expanded with microSD memory. Design wise, it remains unchanged with similar dimensions but it comes with a new HyperSkin look that’s similar to the current range of Galaxy smart phones. The battery is the same as well at 1,650mAh. Internally it runs on the newer Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean along with the latest smart feature enhancements. You can read up more deatils of the Galaxy S II Plus here.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Plus announced, challenges you to spot the difference


Samsung has given its former Android smart phone flagship – Galaxy S II another refresher with its Galaxy S II Plus. On the surface, it doesn’t look any different from its predecessor. Even the internals sound the same with dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM with the same 8MP camera and 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus display that pushes 800×480 resolution.

What you do get out of the box is the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with the familiar nature inspired Samsung UI. Just like the new range of Galaxy models, the Galaxy S II Plus gets features such as Direct Call, Smart Stay, Smart Alerts, Pop up Video and Zero Shutter Lag for the camera as well. Since it is aimed as a mid-level device, it comes with just 8GB on-board storage capacity which is expandable via micro SD.

Dimension wise, the new Galaxy S II Plus is exactly the same as the old one but it comes in two variants with either comes with NFC or without. The one without NFC maintains the same 8.5mm thickness while the NFC version is a little bit thicker at 8.9mm. The removable battery capacity remains unchanged at 1,650mAh which results the same weight of 121 grams. In terms of colours there’s a choice of Chic White and Dark Blue which seems to be given the hyperglaze treatment for its back covers.

Surprisingly despite its “Plus” label, the Galaxy S II Plus doesn’t seem to be an upgrade of its predecessor. In last year’s Galaxy SL and Galaxy S Plus, there was either an increase of processor (1.4GHz from 1.0GHz) or increase of battery capacity (1,650mAh from 1,500mAh) compared to the original Galaxy S model.

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By the numbers: Samsung Galaxy S III specs compared

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The anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III is finally revealed in the early hours this morning. So how does the new Galaxy S III compares in term of hardware specification?

Side by side with the HTC One X, both comes with quad core processor which HTC sources from Nvidia while Samsung goes with its very own Exynos processor. In terms of screen, the Galaxy S III is bigger by 0.1″ but uses a PenTile HD Super AMOLED rather than its leading Super AMOLED Plus.

The biggest distinction between the two would be the battery which is removable on the Galaxy S III and expandable storage via microSD. Since cloud storage is an upcoming trend, Samsung also offers 50GB dropbox storage for 2 years, doubling what HTC is offering for the One X.

In the imaging section, the Galaxy S III carries a 8MP camera but with a gap closing burst mode of 20 continuous shots at 3.3FPS. As comparison, the HTC One X is capable of shooting up to 99 shots at 4FPS. Of course, speeds and quality are 2 different things and we are looking forward to see sample shots from the S III.

In terms of dimensions, the Galaxy S III is thicker and slightly heavier than the outgoing Galaxy S II. When compared to the HTC One X, the S III is thinner and has a smaller width and negligibly heavier by just 3 grams.

This time around, Samsung isn’t banging much on hardware and they have placed more emphasis on the software side of things. Along with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung has integrated its own TouchWiz UI with more natural interaction such as S Voice, Smart Stay, Automatic Social Tagging and S Beam. Will these human interactions make a difference or is it just another party trick that would easily wear off? We will find out more once we get a hands on with the device which we believe is coming soon in the next month or so.

Find out more on the Galaxy S III features here.

Samsung Galaxy S II RRP drops to RM1,699. DiGi drops subsidised pricing to as low as RM899

One of the most popular Android smartphones in the world has just gotten more affordable. With a recent revision in RRP pricing, the Samsung Galaxy S II now retails for RM1,699 — RM400 less than when it was initially launched here in June last year at the price of RM2,099. As a result of the pricing revision, operators are dropping their subsidised pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S II as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is now available with contract from DiGi for as low as RM1,699 on the DiGi Smart Plan 88. The Smart Plan 88 is a new addition to DiGi’s Smart Plan range where previously it was only offered selectively during promotion periods and specific product launches.

In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S II, DiGi is also offering the Smart Plan 88 with other devices Including the Galaxy W, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Nokia Lumia 800.

If yellow is not your colour, Maxis has also revised the pricing for the for the Galaxy S II which is now available for as low as RM999 with 24 months contract with any postpaid plan on top of a required 3GB data bundle.

Head on over to DiGi’s official website for more details on the latest DiGi plans for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

For details on the Maxis plans, click here.

Samsung’s At It Again. Releases New Series of Poke Fun at Apple Ads

Sometime in November last year, Samsung made headlines by doing something that can be likened to sitting naked in a Kancil with a hornet’s nest next to you and poking said nest vigorously with a big fat stick. Samsung made fun of Apple, and by extension, Samsung made fun of Apple users.

Now, taking that sitting naked in a Kancil with a hornet’s nest analogy, you’d think Samsung would’ve been stung to death by millions disgruntled Apple loyalist by the time the first 30-second ad finished playing. Oddly enough, that didn’t happen. While Apple fans were up in arms, outraged at what Samsung had done, the rest of the world smiled.

And the rest of the world had a good reason to smile. Samsung’s ballsy tongue-in-cheek ad campaign was funny, witty and entertaining. More importantly, it was effective.

Not meddling much with a successful formula, Samsung’s at it again with a new series of commercials that continues poking fun at Apple and Apple fans, specifically iPhone users.

In all honesty, we like what Samsung has produced. The ads are genuinely funny. They deliver a crystal clear message and they compel you to share them on your social media stream. By these definitions, these Samsung ads are the perfect textbook examples of TV commercials. And so we’ve compiled the whole series so far for you in this post so that you can enjoy them as well.

Now, we’re expecting a lot of discourse about these ads particularly from the Apple purists. They’ve called what Samsung have done as below the belt or undignified or downright nasty even, and that’s ok, we like discourses, the exchanging of opinions.

We’d like to think that at we have a level head when it comes to tech. Android fans have called us Apple fanboys and we’ve been called vice-versa by Apple fans. We’ve been called everything in between by BlackBerry and Nokia users as well. Ironically, being called fanboys of all sorts can only mean that we’re actually playing favourite to none and we will continue to be that way.

The point we’re trying to make here is that before any Apple fans come and say “oh what Samsung did is classless” we’d like to you to view a video we got from YouTube after the jump. It’s a compilation of the “Get a Mac” or better known as “Mac vs PC” ad campaign that aired in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK from 2006 to 2009. So tit for tat then. In any case, we thought those were funny too.


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Samsung Galaxy S II bundle returns to Maxis

In a surprise turn of events, Maxis is now re-offering the Samsung Galaxy S II on its bundled plan options. It goes for as low as RM1,099 with 24 months data add-on of 1.5GB or 3.0GB. For those that rather commit less for shorter period of time, it can be yours for RM1,499 with 12 months contract of 500MB data plan.

Surprisingly the data plan rates are still showing the old rates with 500MB plan at RM58/month which was recently revised.

With Maxis now re-offering Samsung devices, hopefully they would be bundling the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus as well. For more information, head over to Maxis Android page.

Samsung Galaxy S II with Kevlar-look from DiGi

If you’re crossed between the Samsung Galaxy S II and the sexy back looking Motorola RAZR, DiGi must just have a solution for you.

DiGi is offering a free phone skin and screen protector which gives the Galaxy S II a carbon-fibre/kevlar look at both sides. No ideas how it looks in real life but if you’re interested, this offer is exclusively available through DiGi Online Store.

Obviously it won’t be as tough as the real deal. Pics of the Galaxy S II with the skin after the break.

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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ported to Samsung Galaxy S II & LG Optimus 3D

Update: Commenter Sid Acidic mentioned a link to a how-to video that shows you how to install ICS on Samsung Galaxy S II. We’ve added that into the post. Head on over to after the jump to view it. Word of caution: We have not tried the method ourselves and can’t say that it is 100% safe. As always rooting and installing ROMs not officially released for your device is risky, so be careful if you attempt to install ICS on your device. Good luck

Just recently, Google has already released the source code for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. In just couple of days, the latest OS has already been ported to a Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 3D.

While waiting for the official roll out from the device maker, you can expect earlier release from the hardworking custom ROM developers. At the moment the direct port doesn’t seem to be fully functional. Bluetooth and WiFi doesn’t seem to work right now but eventually kinks like these will be sorted out later.

Head after the break to see the LG Optimus 3D running on ICS.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Extended Battery Kit now available in Malaysia

Remember the Samsung Galaxy S II Extended Battery Kit posted a while back? Now the battery kit is reported to be selling in Malaysia for RM139 at Lowyat plaza.

The kit comes with a larger 2000mAh battery which is 21% more than the standard 1650mAh battery. Since the battery is thicker than usual, there’s a special back plate included in the kit to cover that extra bulge. So Samsung Galaxy S II power users, your prayers are now answered.


By the numbers: iPhone 4S CPU and GPU performance benchmark figures

One of the biggest improvements made to the iPhone 4S is its processor. Where its predecessor was running a single core brain, the iPhone 4S kept up with the joneses with a dual-core processor and an updated GPU.

Apple says that the iPhone 4S is twice as fast as its predecessor and delivers over seven times faster graphics overall, but is this claim founded? More importantly, with the A5 in the iPhone 4S running at just 800Mhz, how does it stack up against the mighty Samsung Galaxy S II with a dual-core processor that’s pushing 1.2Ghz?

The meticulous reviewers at Anandtech ran some benchmarks on the iPhone 4S and the results will surprise you. Despite the slower clock speed and a yet to be determined RAM count, the iPhone 4S tops the charts when it comes to hard-core performance.

Head on over to after the jump for the full stats.

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