Samsung Galaxy Note8 price

Leak reveals Note8’s Malaysian price and pre-order bundle

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Official Malaysia Price preorder

UPDATE: Samsung Malaysia has revealed the full details of the Galaxy Note8 pre-order! Click here to learn more.

Have you been pulling your hair out trying to figure out how much the Samsung Galaxy Note8 will retail for here in Malaysia? Is your head aching from all the pondering you’ve been doing over its official price? Well, ponder no longer because it appears we have the number.

Also, it looks like we’re getting some serious goodies for the pre-order promotion.

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Would you pay RM5,200 for the Samsung Galaxy Note8?

The launch of (probably) the most anticipated Android smartphone yet is just around the corner. Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 has a lot riding on its shoulders after the disaster that was its predecessor, and from the looks of things, is poised to deliver a truly stunning flagship smartphone experience.

However, all that high-end technowizardry will obviously come with a price and if this latest leak is to be believed, that price tag will be pretty high. 

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