Samsung Galaxy Note II Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy Note II will also receive Lollipop update


It may be 2 years old, but Samsung isn’t forgetting about its Galaxy Note II when it comes to sofware updates. Initially spotted on Samsung Finland’s website that it will be upgradable, Samsung Poland has confirmed via twitter that it will indeed be getting the Android 5.0 Lollipop update.

Currently Samsung has started pushing the latest Lollipop version for its Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. Other devices expected to receive it would include their Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. Although there’s no firm schedules yet, Samsung this time around appears to be quicker in software updates compared to its rivals.


Samsung Galaxy Note II gets KitKat Update in Malaysia


Finally Samsung Galaxy Note II users in Malaysia are getting its Android 4.4.2 Kitkat update that is being pushed Over the Air (OTA). Apart from getting new OS features and security fixes, the update also brings a new music album art interface on the home screen while the lock screen comes with a new camera shortcut.

The update file is about 416MB in size so it is recommended that you use WiFi for this. If you haven’t receive any notifications yet, you can check manually at Settings > More > About Device > Software update. If you can’t download it from your phone, you can try updating using Samsung Kies desktop software which you can download here.

Like any other firmware upgrades, it is advisable to perform a full backup of your files especially photos and videos.

Thanks Pok Jik for the heads up!

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note II gets massive price cuts

Samsung Galaxy S4 non-LTE price

The barely 2 months old Samsung Galaxy S4 non-LTE version (9500) has gotten a massive price cut of RM349. Launched at RM2,199 with 16GB storage, the Samsung flagship device is now priced as low as RM1,850 outright for official Samsung Malaysia units. The 5.5″ Galaxy Note II is even affordable now at only RM1,680, making it quite an attractive buy.

Retailer IMCC has released its current Samsung Galaxy pricing as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S4 – RM1,850 (Previously RM2,199)
Samsung Galaxy Note II – RM1,680 (Previously RM1,999)
Samsung Galaxy S III – RM1,380 (Previously RM1,699)
Samsung Galaxy Grand – RM1,040 (Previously RM1,299)

For a flagship device to drop this much in such a little time is rather shocking. Another retailer IPMart has also dropped its Galaxy S4 pricing as well to as low as RM1,869.

In the mean time the recently rolled out Galaxy S4 4G LTE version (9505) with 32GB of storage is seen to be slashed as well to RM2,299 from its initial RM2,499 pricing. Thanks @abdulmj for the heads up.

Could this be an indication that more Galaxy models are coming to Malaysia? We won’t be surprise considering the Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom are expected to make a local debut soon. Perhaps the rugged Galaxy S4 Active would be priced between the S4 non-LTE and 4G LTE version. With a water resistant credentials and LTE support, that might just demand a slight premium over the standard non-LTE S4.

For those waiting for the Galaxy S4 and without the need of LTE, the RM349 savings definitely certainly worth the wait.


Galaxy S4 Camera vs the Others: Daytime Comparison


Couple of weeks back, we did a camera comparison of the latest flagship devices such as the HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and Sony Xperia Z. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 being launched recently, it’s time for another round of camera shootout. This time we’ve thrown the Galaxy Note II in the mix as well.

Topping the megapixel count in this comparison are the 13MP shooters – Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z while the Lumia 920 8.7MP shooter shoots at 7.9MP. The iPhone 5, Galaxy Note II and the BlackBerry Z10 comes with the usual 8MP count. Of course not forgetting is the HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera which shoots an effective 4MP.

Without further ado, head after the break for the comparison. Let us know which you think is better?

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Samsung Shows Off Pink Galaxy Note II in Taiwan. The Ladies Wonder if it will Come to Malaysia


A pink Samsung Galaxy whatever is not something that’s never been done before. There’s the pink Galaxy S II, the pink Galaxy S III and the pink Galaxy Note, so its really no surprise that this light pink version of the Galaxy Note II shows up on Samsung Taiwan’s official website — with matching S Pen, no less

We have no idea when this “Angel Pink” Galaxy Note II will come to Malaysia or whether it will be available here at all but we know a few local lasses out there who are going ga-ga right about now just excited simply because a pink Note II exists.

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DiGi offers Nexus 4 from RM499 with DG Smart Special


DiGi now offers yet another bundling option for the Nexus 4 which can be yours for only RM499. The customised DG Smart Special Plan consists of 3GB of mobile internet data (SmartPlan 68) and RM80 of talktime for voice and SMS. As you would expect, the plan is tied with a 24 months contract duration.

In its previous Smart Plan offering, the monthly subscription includes only mobile internet data while any calls and SMS are charged separately. For those that make a lot of calls and SMS each month, this could be the plan for you. If you are a DiGi subscriber for 12 months, the RM1,000 advance payment is waived.

Alternatively, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is also being offered as well on the same plan at RM999.

For more information, head over to DiGi’s promo page.

Maxis offers affordable bundling for Note II, S III & One S

Maxis Galaxy Note II, S3, One S Bundling

Maxis has revised its smart phone bundling on its lower commitment plans such as SurfMore & TalkMore. With the latest revision, the 5.5″ Galaxy Note II can be yours for RM1,199 with 24 months contract of SurfMore 75 (5GB) which is a RM200 reduction from its initial offering during launch.

If you prefer something smaller, the 4.8″ Galaxy S III is offered as low as RM799 while the HTC One S can be yours from just RM399. For the ultra-light users, they are also offering the Nokia Asha 311 for free as well.

Full bundled pricing below:

Samsung Galaxy Note II (SurfMore 75) RM75/month – RM1,199

Samsung Galaxy S III (SurfMore 75) RM75/month – RM899
Samsung Galaxy S III (TalkMore 75 + 1GB data) RM126/month – RM799

HTC One S (TalkMore 48 + 1GB data) RM96/month – RM399

Nokia Asha 311 (TalkMore28 + 200MB data) RM56/month – FREE

*All bundling are tied with 24 months contract

As usual, there’s an advance payment of RM1,000 required for phones with a RRP above RM500 which is basically all of the above except for the Nokia Asha. For the Nokia Asha 311, an advance payment of RM500 is required. The advance payment will be used to offset your upcoming bills. It isn’t mentioned here but loyal Maxis customers on Maxis One Club would normally be waived from payment advance payment.

Head over to Maxis for the full bundling details.

5 Million Galaxy Note II sold worldwide in 2 months

Galaxy Note II

Just 3 weeks ago, Samsung was reported having 30 Million units of Galaxy S III and 3 Million units of Galaxy Note II sold worldwide. Now Samsung has sold over 5 million units of its 5.5″ Phone Tablet device across 128 countries. That’s a remarkable feat for a large smart phone device considering it started rolling out commercially just 2 months ago.

The Note II was launched in Malaysia last month in just 42 days from its global announcement. From the looks of things, Samsung is set to hit a milestone thanks to faster roll out and a much extensive global launch.


U Mobile now offers Galaxy Note II from RM899

U Mobile Galaxy Note II

Like the saying it is better late than never, U Mobile now offers the Samsung Galaxy Note II on contract from as low as RM899. This makes it the 4th telco in Malaysia to offer the 5.5″ Phone Tablet smart phone on contract. As usual, it comes with the usual plans of U28, U58, U88 and its high usage plan, U Premium. All contracts are tied with 24 months contract. Full bundled pricing below:

U28 (1GB data) – RM1,999
U58 (2GB data) – RM1,599
U88 (3GB data) – RM1,388
U Premium (5GB data) – RM899

For U Premium, it comes pre-loaded with 800 minutes of talk time and 800 SMS per month which is split 50-50 with U Mobile and other networks. Meanwhile for U28-U88 plans, it varies of either bundled SMS, Talktime or both. You can get full details of the U28, U58 and U88 plans here.

An upfront payment between RM224 – RM1,344 is also required during registration. For comparison with other plans, check out the our Note II price comparison between the big 3 telcos.

For more information, head over to U Mobile’s Galaxy Note II page.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our quick look at the Galaxy Note II features.

Maxis introduces new SurfMore 50 & SurfMore 75 plans with device bundling

UPDATE: SurfMore bundling of Galaxy Note II compared with other telco offerings.

After introducing its voice-centric TalkMore plans, Maxis now introduces new SurfMore 50 and SurfMore 75 which offers a rather generous mobile internet at affordable rates. SurfMore 50 offers 2GB of data quota for just RM50/month while SurfMore 75 offers a huge 5GB quota for RM75/month. Just like its rival DG Smart Plan, the month subscription is only for mobile internet, with calls and SMS charged separately.

The new plans are actually a replacement of the earlier introduced Internet Value 50 & 75 plans and Maxis has given extra 33-43% extra data boost for the same subscription fee. The pay as you use rates for calls/sms remains the same with voice calls being charged at 12sen/min within Maxis and 20sen/min to other networks. For SMS, it is 5sen/SMS within Maxis and 15sen/SMS to others. Maxis also gives discounts on the monthly subscription fee for those that uses a lot with 25% off for usage above RM150 and 100% off if you use more than RM250.

Maxis is also offering bundling plans as well with Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 10.1 and iPhone 4S on contract.

Head after the break for the full details.

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Galaxy Note II RM3.2mil heist gang busted

On 20th October, a large haul of 1,407 units of Samsung Galaxy Note II was stolen from KLIA cargo area. That’s a total of RM3.2million Ringgit based on the retail price of RM2,299 per unit. It happened when a man posed as the consignee came to collect the goods and the crime was only realised when the actual person came to pick it up.

In less than 2 weeks, the police had busted the gang responsible and had picked up 13 suspects. During the arrest, the police had recovered 71 units and are still tracing for the remainders. It is said that most of the units have been sold.

Read the full news at the source link.


VIDEO: A quick look at the Samsung Galaxy Note II

The newly available Samsung Galaxy Note II is by some margin, the best Android device in the market right now. Here’s a quick look at some of the interesting features of the device which is demonstrated with a hands-on video.

Retailing at RM2,299, the Galaxy Note II comes with a massive 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED display, a quad-core 1.6GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and the unit we are getting comes with 16GB of storage. While the device has gone bigger in screen size with top spec hardware, the Galaxy Note II comes with additional new features that makes the large screen and stylus combo more productive.

Among the new features include a new enhanced S-Pen with AirView, Smart Rotation and multi-view support which lets you view 2 apps side by side. It also inherited the new features from the Galaxy S III such as Smart Stay and various gesture based actions.

Do watch this space as we will be having an in-depth review soon.

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