Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus

Plan to get a New Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Here’s how you can save up to RM334

Samsung Galaxy Senheng save up to RM334

This post is brought to you by Senheng and senQ.

Want to pay less for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone without being tied to a telco contract? Senheng and senQ have got an offer just for you. If you purchase the one of the stated devices on a 12-month instalment plan, you can enjoy up to RM334 off from the retail price. That means if you are planning to get a Galaxy S9+ 128GB, you can get it for less than RM3,700 now.

That’s not all, the Samsung Galaxy smartphones offer is also applicable to the Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy A8+. Read on to find out more.

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IP68: How important is water resistance rating and why the Galaxy A8 (2018) series is a consideration

This post is brought to you by Samsung Malaysia

You’ve seen smartphones touting water resistance, splash resistance and all the other fancy buzzwords that are used to convey one basic message: Your smartphone should survive an unfortunate meeting with water.

But how important is that? Also, what’s the difference between water resistance and plain splash resistance? And, what’s that peculiar code that’s sometimes next to a manufacturers water resistant rating and sometimes not? Well, here’s where you can get your answers

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Samsung will launch the Galaxy A8/A8+ in Malaysia next week

Samsung‘s off to a sexy start in 2018 with the launch of a pair of brand new premium mid-range handsets that have a lot of things in common with the company’s flagships, and even improves on some of their weaknesses. They’re called the Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ (so it’s more in line with their Galaxy S lineup) and we finally have a launch date for them here in Malaysia.

Hint: It’s next week.

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