Sony’s brand new SD card looks tougher than me

I don’t believe anything is more frustrating for a content creator, working with videos and photos, than having your SD card die on you. Well, maybe when Adobe’s Premiere Pro freezes on you before you’ve saved after a 5-hour edit session, but I think that still takes second place to a dead SD card.

The good news is, Sony understands that. In a world full of fragile electronic devices that hold our entire life, the company has unveiled their brand new SD card whose name leaves very little to the imagination.

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The BlackBerry KEY2 will launch in Malaysia next week

If you’re just so done with 2018 smartphones that have no bezels, no fingerprint scanners and no physical keyboards, there is good news. You won’t have to conform to the 2018 bezelless fad for much longer because the world’s last proponent of smartphone keyboards with buttons you actually need to exert effort to depress will be launching their latest flagship in Malaysia soon.

Yes, that’s right. The BlackBerry KEY2 will be launched locally, next week.

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Here’s how you can buy the LG G7 ThinQ in Malaysia

There are plenty of flagship smartphones to choose from and for those who want to stand out, the LG G7 ThinQ is an interesting option. The only problem is that it’s as elusive as a unicorn in Malaysia.

For the past couple of years, LG Mobile doesn’t seem to be interested in selling their smartphones in our competitive market. The last “official” set they introduced here was the LG V30+ and it arrived about 7 months late.

If you’re still interested in the G7 ThinQ, retailer DirectD is now offering import sets with stocks now available.

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