Nokia N9 price Malaysia

Nokia N9 Unboxed

We got a few requests for a Nokia N9 unboxing video, and so here it is.

Bonus video after the break featuring our first impressions on the Nokia N9. The video was shot a while back, just finally had the time post it up now. Hope you like it.

In any case, the Nokia N9 is a really special device from Nokia, MeeGo looks very polished and if you can look beyond the limitations that iOS and Android users take for granted, this platform has a future. In fact we want Nokia to give it a future, it is that good.

On the N9, MeeGo has so much potential that we’re not sure if Nokia even needs Windows Phone to stay relevant in the smartphone market.

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Celcom Nokia N9 plans revealed, offered as low as RM968

After the earlier teaser, Celcom has finally revealed the Nokia N9 plans.

On the Nokia N9 page, the device is offered as low as RM968 with 18 months contract of Celcom Exec 250 which comes with 5GB of data. The lowest entry plan is Celcom Exec 50 + Mobile Internet Basic of RM38/month that offers the device for RM1,348 on 18 months contract.

In addition to the offer, Celcom is also offering several units for RM999 for those that registered with them. The offer read “Be the first to own it and flaunt it. Register with us before 15th October”. The conditions wasn’t clearly stated and under the T&C, it shows packages are tied with 12 months contract of BlackBerry plans. So no idea currently on what plan/contract period is tied to this RM999 offer. Great work Celcom on your fantastic website!

UPDATE: Celcom has updated the T&C, mentioning that it is tied to Celcom Exec 50 + mobile internet or Celcom Exec 250 Plan (“Package Plan”) for a period of twelve (12) months. How this works is that from 7th till 15th October, Celcom will draw a lucky winner which will get the N9 at only RM999 which is tied with a shorter period.

As N9 official sales starts today, it appears that Celcom is only selling it on 15th October onwards based on the RM999 promo page. So if you are looking to own a N9 on contract, DiGi is the only choice now.

To register your chance to get the N9 for RM999, sign up here. For the full plan details, head over to their N9 page.

Nokia N9 now available on DiGi Smart Plan

The Nokia N9 is available in Malaysia today with the retail price of RM1,799 for the 16GB version.

It is now available for bundling with DiGi from as low as RM1,199 with 24 months contract with Smart Plan 68. For those looking for lower commitment, it is also bundled on Smart Plan 48 from RM1,349. While Nokia N9 is available in both 16GB and 64GB options, it seems that only 16GB is offered for bundling.

For more information, head over to DiGi N9 Smart Plan page.

Nokia N9 available in stores this Friday

We’ve just gotten the official word from Nokia Malaysia. The Nokia N9 will hit stores this Friday, 7 October.

Available in black, cyan and magenta, with two storage options to choose from, the Nokia N9 retails for RM1,799 and RM2,088 outright for the 16GB and 64GB versions respectively.

Last week, we discovered that Celcom has started teasing that it will be coming up with plans for the N9 but at the moment there’s no word from the operator on when they will be releasing their Nokia N9 plans.

With the iPhone 4S a known quantity, will you pick the Nokia N9 over the iOS device?

All your questions answered: Nokia N9

Update 15092011: This article was first posted on August 4, 2011. We’re bumping it up for your easy reference.

Update 14092011: We’ve included and answered your questions on the Nokia N9 from the media launch live coverage.

Alright people, we have a date with the Nokia N9 tonight and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about the device or about Nokia in general. So please list down all your questions in the comments below and we will try to answer all of them here.

Your questions answered after the jump.

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Official Nokia N9 Malaysia Pricing from RM1,799

We are updating live from the Nokia N9 media launch event and we’ve gotten more details of the upcoming MeeGo device to hit Malaysia. The official pricing of the Nokia N9 has been revealed as below:

Nokia N9 16GB – RM1,799
Nokia N9 64GB – RM2,088

There’s also a NFC enabled stereo speaker going for RM699. As comparison, the N8 was launched at RM1,690 last October.

Both DiGi & Celcom will be offering plans for the device with official availability slated for early October. This makes Malaysia among the first markets in the world to receive the N9.

For the latest updates or if you have any questions, tweet to us at @soya_cincau

Nokia removes N9 countdown timer. Possible delay?

Earlier on Nokia, has started a countdown timer indicating the official launch of the Nokia N9. The timer was counting down to 23rd September which we’re hopeful to see it launched in Malaysia shortly after.

Today, that timer was mysteriously removed from their site. This could mean two things. Possible delay to sort out some issues or merely to create suspense. We’re more inclined to believe that there are some teething issues that Nokia needs to address which is similar to its Nokia N8 launch last year.

Whatever it is, we will keep our fingers crossed for September.


49 days till the launch of the Nokia N9. Expect Malaysia launch around the same time

Nokia has just made public a countdown page for the launch of the Nokia N9. So it’s official official, in just 49 days Nokia will release what is possibly its best phone is recent memory. Yes we said it. The Nokia N9 is a splendid piece of kit in virtually all aspects. Except for the fact that the future of MeeGo is an uncertain one and based on our experience with the phone last night, it is such a waste if Nokia choose not to pursue this platform further.

Back to the story. The page is in Swedish and is probably more reflective of the launch date for Sweden and perhaps Europe but based on our conversations with Nokia reps from last night’s Nokia N9 preview, its a safe bet that you can expect the MeeGo device to be launched in Malaysia around the same time. Counting 49 days ahead from today, the launch date is on September 23, we don’t expect the Malaysian launch to be earlier than that.

Some local online pundits are saying that the Nokia N9 launch will happen in a couple of weeks, this is 50% accurate. There will be a media launch for the device in a couple of weeks but the device will only hit store shelves about a fortnight after the media launch. What is definitive is the Nokia N9 launch will happen in September.

Take it from us, if you’re a Nokia fan, you will want to wait for this phone. If you’re not a Nokia fan, do Nokia a favour and just give the a N9 try.

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Nokia N9 to be in Malaysia before the end of this year?

Hey your guess is as good as ours but things have been set in motion that reveal clues that say a local launch of the Nokia N9 is a very likely scenario.

What are these clues? We can’t reveal them to you unfortunately but we know that if certain things are happening then the probability of a Malaysian launch is very high. We don’t have the details and all this has not yet been confirmed but a telco tie-up at launch is very possible as well. Of course we could be wrong but our hit rate has been ok so far, so…let’s wait and see.

The MeeGo powered Nokia N9 is a bit of a conundrum for us. We like everything about it but at the same time we’re saddened at the knowledge that there is no future for the device. Why can’t Nokia stick with MeeGo and let the awesome juice flow? Perhaps we will never know why.

But for now, local Nokia fans will be more than happy to know that another iconic device from the Finnish company is almost certainly coming to Malaysia.

What are your thoughts?