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Nokia N9 Unboxed

We got a few requests for a Nokia N9 unboxing video, and so here it is.

Bonus video after the break featuring our first impressions on the Nokia N9. The video was shot a while back, just finally had the time post it up now. Hope you like it.

In any case, the Nokia N9 is a really special device from Nokia, MeeGo looks very polished and if you can look beyond the limitations that iOS and Android users take for granted, this platform has a future. In fact we want Nokia to give it a future, it is that good.

On the N9, MeeGo has so much potential that we’re not sure if Nokia even needs Windows Phone to stay relevant in the smartphone market.

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All your questions answered: Nokia N9

Update 15092011: This article was first posted on August 4, 2011. We’re bumping it up for your easy reference.

Update 14092011: We’ve included and answered your questions on the Nokia N9 from the media launch live coverage.

Alright people, we have a date with the Nokia N9 tonight and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about the device or about Nokia in general. So please list down all your questions in the comments below and we will try to answer all of them here.

Your questions answered after the jump.

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49 days till the launch of the Nokia N9. Expect Malaysia launch around the same time

Nokia has just made public a countdown page for the launch of the Nokia N9. So it’s official official, in just 49 days Nokia will release what is possibly its best phone is recent memory. Yes we said it. The Nokia N9 is a splendid piece of kit in virtually all aspects. Except for the fact that the future of MeeGo is an uncertain one and based on our experience with the phone last night, it is such a waste if Nokia choose not to pursue this platform further.

Back to the story. The page is in Swedish and is probably more reflective of the launch date for Sweden and perhaps Europe but based on our conversations with Nokia reps from last night’s Nokia N9 preview, its a safe bet that you can expect the MeeGo device to be launched in Malaysia around the same time. Counting 49 days ahead from today, the launch date is on September 23, we don’t expect the Malaysian launch to be earlier than that.

Some local online pundits are saying that the Nokia N9 launch will happen in a couple of weeks, this is 50% accurate. There will be a media launch for the device in a couple of weeks but the device will only hit store shelves about a fortnight after the media launch. What is definitive is the Nokia N9 launch will happen in September.

Take it from us, if you’re a Nokia fan, you will want to wait for this phone. If you’re not a Nokia fan, do Nokia a favour and just give the a N9 try.

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Nokia N9 to be in Malaysia before the end of this year?

Hey your guess is as good as ours but things have been set in motion that reveal clues that say a local launch of the Nokia N9 is a very likely scenario.

What are these clues? We can’t reveal them to you unfortunately but we know that if certain things are happening then the probability of a Malaysian launch is very high. We don’t have the details and all this has not yet been confirmed but a telco tie-up at launch is very possible as well. Of course we could be wrong but our hit rate has been ok so far, so…let’s wait and see.

The MeeGo powered Nokia N9 is a bit of a conundrum for us. We like everything about it but at the same time we’re saddened at the knowledge that there is no future for the device. Why can’t Nokia stick with MeeGo and let the awesome juice flow? Perhaps we will never know why.

But for now, local Nokia fans will be more than happy to know that another iconic device from the Finnish company is almost certainly coming to Malaysia.

What are your thoughts?

Nokia N9: Nokia’s first (and probably last) MeeGo device

Nokia stunned the world few weeks ago when it announced the Nokia N9, the Finnish company’s first (and most probably last) MeeGo-based smartphone. Aside from the operating system, the N9 introduces a new smartphone interface experience that doesn’t require the use of navigation buttons. The only physical buttons on the N9 is the obligatory power button and the volume control rocker.

Simplicity is a prominent theme on the Nokia N9. The device features a sleek unibody design with no physical buttons on the front facia. Nokia calls the N9 an all-screen phone, and it is that, the front portion of the Nokia N9 is indeed all screen.

Looking at the N9, we’re constantly reminded of the Nokia N8 and E7. The design language of all three devices are similar but the N9 goes evolves the language further to produce an outlooks that is as close to a comtemporary work of art as possible. At the front, the screen is a 3.9″ AMOLED screen with WVGA resolution of 854×480 which has a curved Gorilla glass. As comparison, the Nokia N8 had a 3.5″ AMOLED display pushing 640×360. The back is made out of polycarbonate material which is seamless to the overall design. Since this is an all touch screen phone, unlocking the screen is done by tapping on the display. Earlier on, we expected Apple to be the first to offer a button-less front screen device but looks like Nokia is the first to claim this title.

The N9 boasts one of the highest hardware specs we’ve seen on a Nokia smart phone to date with a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630 processor and a 1GB of RAM. Just like the N8, the new N9 boasts on its photography credentials with a 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Nokia even claims that the N9 camera is the fastest image capturing phone in the market today with a shot taken in just 2.6 seconds between switching a camera on and capturing an image.

Other features include NFC which lets you share files and media by tapping onto another device and Dolby Headphone/Dolby Digital Plus support.

The biggest highlight is the OS itself. While Nokia has pledged its future direction with Windows Phone 7, the new N9 runs on MeeGo 1.2. In its Harmattan implementation, Nokia has reduced the smartphone user experience to three central pillars — notifications, apps, and multitasking — and turned out a UI that’s functional, quick, and right up to date with the very best alternatives.

If MeeGo was a potential platform, why didn’t Nokia align with MeeGo from the get go? If even a small proportion of this vision was available to Elop when he decided to leap into Steve Ballmer’s open arms, could he not have kept his nerve and stood by it? The N9’s basic foundations are beautifully arranged and executed, and anything it may lack in extended functionality could’ve come over time — which offers almost a mirror image of the pre-Mango Windows Phone OS that he signed up for in February.

From our view, the Nokia N9 represents Nokia’s attempt to stay relevant in the competitive smart phone game. To maintain a place in consumer’s mind share, to garner confidence and show the world that is still has what it takes to build a device. That’s of course, until their Windows Phone line up comes full swing.

For more details up close with the Nokia N9, head over to their swipe page.

Head after the break for N9 promo videos, UI walkthough and photo gallery.

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