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LATEST: Nokia 600 and Nokia 700 priced

In addition to the recently announced Nokia 701, Nokia has just released the pricing for the Nokia 600 and Nokia 700.

The Nokia 600 is Nokia’s loudest smartphone ever with a dedicated speaker that’s rated at 106 Phons. The music oriented device features a curved back design and a 100g overall weight. The 3.2-inch nHD screen on the 600 pushes out 640×360 pixel resolution and comes with 2GB internal storage. The 600 also comes with a 5MP camera rear camera that shoots 720p HD videos. The Nokia 600 retails for RM740 outright.

The Nokia 700 is Nokia’s smallest smartphone. Weighing in at a smidgen under 100g, the 600 is 110mm long, 50.7mm wide and 9.7mm thick. Despite its diminutive dimensions, the Nokia 700 features a 3.2-inch Clear Black AMOLED display with Gorilla glass. In addition, you get 2GB of on board storage and a 5MP camera at the back which supports 720p HD videos. The Nokia 700 is also Nokia’s greenest phone with all the materials used in the device being 100% recyclable. The Nokia 700 retails for RM1,025.

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All your questions answered: Nokia 600, 700, 701

We have a date with the Symbian Belle trio tonight. So if you have questions about Nokia’s loudest, brightest and smallest, ask away in the comments section. We’ll try to answer them after our hands on experience with the three devices.

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Nokia introduces 600, 700 & 701 smart phones

Nokia has announced a trio of new devices – Nokia 600, 700 and the 701 which claims to be the loudest, smallest and brightest phones from the Finnish maker ever. All 3 are powered with a 1GHz processor, comes with NFC and runs on Nokia’s latest Symbian Belle, which is a new Symbian^3 update after Anna.

Starting with the Nokia 600, it claims to be Nokia’s loudest smart phones ever with its speaker rated at 106 Phons. The 600 has a 3.2″ nHD screen that supports 640×360 resolution, 2GB internal storage and has a 5MP camera at the back, capable of shooting 720p HD videos. In terms of design, it comes with a curved back design and overall it weighs 100g.

Next is the Nokia 700 which Nokia claims to be their smallest smart phone ever. It weighs 97g and has dimensions of 110mm long, 50.7mm width and with a thickness of 9.7mm. Despite its smaller size, it comes with 3.2″ Clear Black AMOLED display with toughen Gorilla glass. Internally there’s 2GB of storage and has a 5MP camera at the back which also can do 720p HD videos. The Nokia 700 is said to be Nokia’s greenest phone as it uses lots of recycled materials which in return is also 100% recyclable.

Last but not least is the Nokia 701. It certainly looks like a Nokia C7 but boasts being the brightest screen ever for a smart phone. Earlier on, the LG Optimus Black was crowned the brightest screen at 700nits. At the present time, Nokia has yet to release any numbers to measure its brightness. If it claims to be the brightest, it has to be at least 701 nits, which coincidentally is the number for the model. Unlike the C7 which uses AMOLED, the 701 is using IPS LCD Clearback display which is also toughen by Gorilla Glass. Inside there’s 8GB of internal storage and at the back has a 8MP camera with dual LED flash.

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