Moto M

The Moto M is the best budget phone for content consumption

This post is brought to you by the Moto M.

Watching videos on your phone is a pretty great. Unlike a massive TV, a tethered desktop or even a laptop, you can bring your smartphone (almost) literally everywhere you go. Walking down the stairs? Phone in hand. Eating? Phone in hand. Relieving yourself at the defecation station? Phone. In. Hand.

It’s uncanny how useful this handheld pocket computer is. But the problem is that a lot of the phones which come with the specs you’d want for a good video viewing experience live at the high end of the market.

Well, until now, that is. Meet the Moto M, probably the best budget phone you can get for content consumption.

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Moto M review: Proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover

Smartphones are ubiquitous these days. In Malaysia, it’s pretty hard to get by without some kind of smartphone to run basic messaging and social media applications. But Malaysia’s in a bad spot and because our currency is so awful, a large majority of us can’t afford super expensive flagships.

And that’s where phones like the Moto M come in. Y’know, budget phones.

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SoyaCincau’s best smartphones under RM1,200

UPDATE: We’ve updated the guide! Now there are four brand new smartphones for you to choose from.

It’s that time of the year again. Although a whole host of new smartphones have been launched, a lot of the conversation is about the smartphones at the top end of the market. “What about those on a tight budget?”, you must be wondering, “Do tech sites even care about those of us who can’t spend a month’s salary on a device?”, you’re probably thinking.

Well, we care. So, here are some of the best phones you can get for under RM1,200.

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The Moto M proves that a budget phone can feel seriously awesome

This post is brought to you by the Moto M.

Budget smartphones are a dime a dozen. You can find all sorts of devices at all sorts of price points but most of these devices all have something in common — there’s no mistaking the fact that they’re cheap.

That’s because most of these handsets focus all their efforts into on-paper specs and then abandon crucial features that actually make a smartphone enjoyable to use, comfortable to hold and effective as a daily driver.

If you’ve felt that way about budget smartphones thus far, Moto Malaysia has some good news for you. Meet the Moto M, a seriously good value smartphone that doesn’t skimp on the important bits.

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Stand a chance to win prizes worth over RM30,000 when you buy Lenovo devices this CNY


The Chinese New Year is almost upon us. It’s the time for festivities, fireworks, ang pows, the number 8, food and feeling guilty about eating too much food. It’s an awesome time of year.

But, one other tradition the Chinese like to observe during this auspicious time is to get their hands on new products. Clothes, accessories, shoes, gadgets, you name it, people are probably out queuing up to buy it.

If you’re buying tech, Lenovo wants your attention because they’re offering a whole bunch of goodies when you buy selected products this CNY season.

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