DiGi reduces price of HTC Aria to RM799

DiGi has reduced its pricing of the HTC Aria to a much lower RM799. This of course comes with 24 months contract on DG Smart Plan. The price for 12 months contract however remains unchanged at RM1199.

Previously it was offered at RM999 which is the same as the HTC Legend. Now the pricing is more appropriate considering the HTC Legend offers a better AMOLED while the Aria doesn’t.

Meanwhile, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 8520 promo price during roadshows seems to be parmanent now. On their website, the Bold is now shown as RM999 while the Curve 8520 at RM459, both on 24 months contract.


2.6GHz spectrum for LTE allocated, to take effect in 2013

Another update on 4G LTE in Malaysia. The Star reports that majority of the earlier mentioned 9 companies have been informed via fax that they have been allocated the 2.6GHz spectrum for 4G LTE use. This will only take effect on 1st January 2013 which is a long way to go, and time is something that the players need to roll out commercially. As mentioned earlier, the 9 companies are Maxis, DiGi, Celcom, U Mobile, P1, AMAX, YTL, REDtone and a new comer. Each of them will be getting 20MHz block of the spectrum.

2 years should give the players sufficient head start to evaluate vendors, conduct trials and plan out their coverage expansion. By 2013, we should have more 4G LTE devices in the market. Hopefully better than the Samsung Craft, the first 4G LTE phone.


Samsung Craft – First 4G LTE Phone

Samsung has announced the Craft (SCH-R900) which is the first ever 4G LTE phone that’s coming to MetroPCS in Las Vegas, US. It features an AMOLED screen, TouchWiz UI and a slider QWERTY keyboard. It also comes with a rather low 3.2MP Camera with 2GB microSD included. No mention of the OS yet but it might be running on Samsung’s Bada OS.

Looking at the device, you can’t help to notice that it is looks cheap. Being the first 4G LTE device, we would expect something better. Even their 4G WiMAX device, the Epic 4G looks more premium. Let’s hope there are higher end models for 4G LTE in the works. How about a Galaxy S variant?


Facebook making its own mobile phone?

Techcrunch has a scoop that Facebook is in the midst of developing its own mobile phone. No full details yet, and it could either be a big scale mobile app or an actual Facebook device with its own custom OS.

According to the article, Facebook is concerned that the mobile landscape being heavily dominated by iPhones and Android which prompted them to do something about it. They have 2 high level employees, Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos that had experience working with Firefox and Google Chrome OS respectively. The duo are believed to be linked to this secret mobile project and they are capable in developing OS particularly mobile.

So do we really need another Mobile OS when most of them have Facebook integrated already? Apparently this facebook mobile platform may not necessary compete with the giants head on. It could be a cheap mobile device with Facebook heavily integrated that’s easily within reach of the masses. We’re thinking along the lines of Nokia’s entry level Social Networking phones like the Nokia C3.

Another speculation is that Facebook could be hooking up with INQ, a social networking mobile device maker which is invested by Li-Ka Shing. The same tycoon also runs 3 Mobile, and he also happens to invest in Facebook too. So this could be another possibility of 3 Mobile, INQ and Facebook partnership for a dedicated FB phone. Perfect Software + Hardware + Network combination, don’t you think? It is too early to tell now but lets see how it goes.


DiGi offers HTC Aria from RM999 on DG Smart Plan


DiGi has finally revealed the official bundle pricing for the HTC Aria. It costs RM1199 over 12 months or RM999 over 24 months contract with DG Smart Plan. This makes the Aria similarly priced with the earlier HTC Legend for 24 months.

As posted earlier, the HTC Aria is pretty identical with the Legend. Both runs on Android 2.1, powered by the same 600MHz processor, 512MB ROM and 384MB RAM. However the difference you’ll get is a screen, believed to be non-AMOLED (SLCD?) and a smaller 1200mAh battery as compared to the Legend’s AMOLED display and 1300mAH battery.

For more details on DiGi’s HTC Aria offer, click here.

With the HTC Aria now available, we’re still waiting for DiGi to release the