The Nokia X6 is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 killer

Everyone who cared, remembered the disastrous Nokia X Android smartphones of the past. They were just nasty things that never should have seen the light of day. You’d think that the company would want to bury something that crashed so hard in a dark hole and throw away the hole, but nope, they’re bringing the Nokia X name right back.

Thankfully, it looks like this time the Nokia X6 — as it is called — looks like a solid mid-range smartphone you’d wan’t to spend your money on. Nay, it looks like a really good bang-for-buck device.

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IP68: How important is water resistance rating and why the Galaxy A8 (2018) series is a consideration

This post is brought to you by Samsung Malaysia

You’ve seen smartphones touting water resistance, splash resistance and all the other fancy buzzwords that are used to convey one basic message: Your smartphone should survive an unfortunate meeting with water.

But how important is that? Also, what’s the difference between water resistance and plain splash resistance? And, what’s that peculiar code that’s sometimes next to a manufacturers water resistant rating and sometimes not? Well, here’s where you can get your answers

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Sony’s finally made mid-range smartphones that are worth your consideration

Silver: XA2, Gold: XA2 Ultra 

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of Sony’s mid-range handsets. It didn’t matter if it was the budget mid-range option or their premium mid-range handset, they were never attractive from a price-to-performance perspective. But to be fair, this problem wasn’t unique to Sony’s mid-range devices because their flagships were grossly overpriced too.

That is, until they launched the Xperia XZ1. Sony’s newest 2017 flagship finally showed us that hey, maybe they’re listening after all because with that handset, the company went from making god-awful value smartphones to just making debatably bad value smartphones.

And, if their new mid-range Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra are any indication, it seems like they’re still on the right track.

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Galaxy A8: Samsung’s getting really good at making mid-rangers

Ask anyone who has some experience with searching for the best bang-for-buck smartphone and they’ll probably tell you to avoid big brands when you’re on a tight budget. Stick to something like Xiaomi, for example, and you’re bound to get something that’ll give you way more smartphone for your money.

But that doesn’t stop big brands like Samsung from making entry and mid-range smartphones. And the thing I noticed with something like Samsung’s brand new Galaxy A8 is that they’re getting dangerously good at doing this.

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Xiaomi makes the Redmi Note 2 official in Malaysia


Chinese manufacturers usually have their hands in more than one market segment; their strategies have to appeal to a wide range of price-points for consumers in order to occupy a place in their minds. Indifferent, Xiaomi has always been affordable but have stepped up their game with their recent releases, though they haven’t forgotten their loyal customers – priced almost at a reasonable mid-range, Malaysians can now get their hands on the Redmi Note 2.

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