Mi Headphones

Xiaomi kicks off its 2 day Christmas sale this week with new arrivals


The year end is a season of gifting and if you haven’t started your shopping, Xiaomi has got your back with its 2 days Christmas sale. It will be going full swing from this Thursday 10th December at 10AM until 10PM the following day.

As mentioned before, their latest Mi In-Ear HeadPhones Pro is going on sale for RM79 and Xiaomi will be introducing a couple of new products and accessories as well.

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Experience Xiaomi’s new In-Ear Headphones Pro in Malaysia


Apart from making affordable smart phones and power banks, Xiaomi is also known for its cheap and good in-ear headphones. Its recently introduced Piston V3 in-ear headphones is pretty decent for a mere RM69 and if you’re looking for on-ear headphones, the more premium Mi Headphone is currently going for RM369.

Now a newer Mi In-Ear headphones Pro version is coming and you can stand a chance to own one in Malaysia this coming weekend.

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Xiaomi products are getting a price hike. You can still buy now at old prices


With the devaluation of our Malaysian Ringgit, the price of gadgets are definitely going up. We’ve seen Apple pricing the iPhone 6s above the RM3K mark, while the upcoming Surface Pro 4 in entry-level form is costing more than a well spec’ed laptop.

Now it looks like Xiaomi is next to get the brunt, as they too will be increasing their prices of popular items.

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Mi Headphones: Can you get top quality audio for cheap? The answer is yes and no.


Xiaomi has really been branching out as of late, producing not only great budget smartphones but also powerbanks, wearables and now their very first set of premium headphones which was announced earlier this year alongside the Mi Note.

The company’s first foray into audio was with their Piston in-ear earphones, of which the second generation Piston was launched not too long ago sporting the same styling as the Mi Headphones. The Piston is priced very cheaply too at RM 50, following Xiaomi’s tradition of having insanely cheap prices.

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Xiaomi’s premium Mi Headphones goes on sale on 8th April


Xiaomi’s Piston in-ear headphones deliver great value for money at just RM50. If you demand greater sound, Xiaomi is bringing its new premium Mi Headphones to Malaysia. This was announced in January together with its Mi Note.

Priced at RM319, this is no ordinary pair of headphones. For starters, it comes with a larger 50mm diaphragm with a 2 micron thick acoustic membrane. This promises to deliver better bass and incredible sensitivity that should please most music listeners. In terms of materials, you can expect similar quality as its current Gold coloured Pistons.

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