Mi A2 Malaysia

You can get the POCOPHONE F1 with free extended warranty and damage protection


The POCOPHONE F1 is a great smartphone if you’re looking for top notch performance on a budget. When it went on sale on 30 August, it had sold out across multiple physical Mi Stores as well as their official online store on Lazada.

If you’ve been trying to get your hands on one, here are some good news. The POCOPHONE F1 is now restocked on Xiaomi’s online store on LazMall and they are now offering something extra for greater peace of mind.

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The Mi A2 is a balancing act Xiaomi almost perfected

I feel like a broken record when I say that the Xiaomi Mi A1 was just one of those devices where the stars aligned. Great hardware, great software, great price tag, great smartphone. It was a winning combination, but a combination built on a delicate balance.

And phones like that can be hard to follow up because it’s easy to over-correct and upset the balance that made the first phone so good. Still, Xiaomi forged ahead and what we have today is a brand new smartphone called the Mi A2. The only question now is: Has Xiaomi balanced this phone correctly?

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