Maxis offering the largest selection of Android phones in Malaysia

It turns out Maxis hearts Android more than DiGi.

Just announced via twitter, Maxis will be offering the country’s largest selection of Android phones ever.

Phones on offer include the HTC Legend (checkout our extensive review here), Motorola Milestone, SonyEricsson Xperia X10, Samsung Galaxy and LG GW620.

Sadly, the heavy hitters of the Android league is not here. Would be awesome if Maxis had included the Nexus One and the HTC Desire in the mix. Maybe later, we presume.

Maxis are offering subsudised pricing for the devices as well, with the entry level Galaxy going for a very attractive RM799 when you sign up for a 12 months data contract.

We’ll look into the details a little later but for now head on over to after the jump for the subsidised pricing of all the Android phones Maxis has to offer.

The phones will be available from Maxis starting Labour Day, May 1st.

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Maxis signs Messi and Lampard as ambassadors

Along with the FIFA World Cup 2010 official mobile broadcaster announcement, Maxis has also revealed that it has signed up Lionel Messi and Frank Lampard as ambassadors for the brand.

Along with the international stars Maxis has also signed up local football greats like Dato’ Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, King James Wong and Hassan Sani.

Maxis COO Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke says the brand is doing all this to give “something different, relevant and creative to all our Maxis users and football fans

@maxiscomms says that there will be “fantastic events and activities 2010 FIFA World Cup” for us to look out for.

Maxis is the official mobile broadcaster of the 2010 FIFA World Cup!

Maxis via Twitter have just announced that they are the official mobile broadcaster for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. What’s interesting about all this is that Maxis will be streaming all 64 matches live to mobile phones complete with full match replays viewable online. Maxis is the first operator in the world to provide such a service.

Maxis says that it will deliver 400kbps video streams for the live matches.

To deliver the content, Maxis has developed app available for free to support Android and Blackberry devices. The same app is available for the the iPhone as well.

The app will provide World Cup updates including match analysis, daily news updates on the World Cup, along with full match fixtures and results. All this for free.

Oddly enough, there’s no updates on the Maxis website about any of this. Even its lifestyle portal MyLaunchPad, has no mentions of this latest development.

We’ll let you know once the app is available for download.

No waiting for iPhone says DiGi D’Chat

Those who’ve pre-ordered their iPhone from DiGi will be able to collect it this Saturday. One of the major complaints that we’ve been hearing is that it takes ages for anyone to get a 3GS from Maxis. We sent an email to the Corp Comms people of Maxis to find out if this is true or not but they didn’t respond, so we’ll just have to rely on the word on the street.

We don’t know if long waiting periods are still an issue at Maxis but what we do know is that if you order your iPhone from DiGi. You don’t have to wait…well..not that long at least.

We had a quick chat with one of DiGi’s customer service people via D’Chat and we were told that pre-order units that are not collected will go to the next guy that wants it and is willing to pay for it. Which means any dude who walks up to the DiGi counter in One Utama (we believe) should be able to get an iPhone there and then without pre-booking.

We were also told via D’Chat that DiGi has ordered quite a number of the iPhones to meet demand. D’Chat also said that if you order your iPhone from DiGi and they didn’t have stock, you only have to wait for around seven days to get one as opposed to 30 to 40 days or longer with Maxis.

So, if you’re in a hurry to get an iPhone, you know where to go to and let us know if this is indeed true.

Hotlink brings iPad to Malaysia!

Hold your horses people, the iPad in question is not for sale. It is in fact the top prize for a movie contest that Hotlink is running. It’s no piddly, low-end 16GB either, Hotlink is giving away the almost top of the line 64GB version.

More details HERE.

Best of all, Maxis subscribers can have a whack at the iPad too (that means Maxis subs can also participate in the contest).

Good luck to you sir!

iDiGi: DiGi’s iPhone Plans Revealed

Make no mistake, this is not a botched up pseudo-leak like yesterday.

DiGi has revealed its iPhone plans dubbed the iDiGi plans today. Looks like there’s really not much difference from the FA’s the released yesterday and we’ll say it again – the plans are better than what Maxis has to offer.

We’ll go into the details of the plans and compare the two with more depth in the next couple of days but on the skin, the iDiGi plans look simple, packed with value and gives good flexibility with the affordable data roaming to selected countries.

For people who travel a lot, we know that you know that data roaming charges can really give you a heart attack.

Little bits tell – Storm is Coming!


This is unconfirmed but we have sources within Celcom and Maxis telling us that the The Blackberry Storm is coming in 2H2009!

We’ve played around with the Storm for a bit. Though it’s not enough for a solid comprehensive review. But first impressions are good. The built quality is good and the click feedback touch screen is refreshing. We don’t like the the somewhat laggy interface though. When it comes to eye bling…iPhone’s OS is still the one to beat!

It’s still to early to determine the pricing but seeing that the bulk of Blackberry sales are from business users, price is really not a concern.

June is perhaps too long a wait for an official word from Maxis and Celcom, in the meantime here’s a review to keep the drool flowing.

Stuff.TV Reviews Blackberry Storm

As usual, when we have the word, we will keep you posted.

Maxis Offering Free Games and Lower IDD Rates

The Sun Daily reports today that Maxis is offering free mobile games and lower IDD rates during this festive season.

Maxis Chief Marketing Officer Matthew Willsher said that this is to ensure that Maxis subscribers are entertained and they are able to keep in touch with loved ones and kept informed while traveling home.

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MNP in Malaysia: Nationwide by October 2008

MNP in Malaysia has been hot on the lips of telcos recently as it is seen as a big shake up in the communication business. After a long wait, MCMC has finally confirmed that MNP or better known as Mobile Number Portability will kick off in the Klang Valley by September before it is implemented Nationwide by October.

What is MNP?
If you haven’t heard of it, MNP allows mobile subscribers to keep their mobile numbers including its prefix with them if they wish to switch to a different operator. Currently, there are 4 main operators in the country and the prefixes (010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019) are fixed with the registered operators.

If a user is a Maxis subscriber bearing 012-1234567, he/she won’t be able to bring this number with them when switching to a different operator. This has become a big barrier for consumers who wish to switch as mobile numbers tend to be a personal identity which many won’t want to lose.

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DiGi Prepaid offers 1 year validity

After Maxis launched its Hotlink 365, DiGi has responded with its Reload Once, Stay Connected for ONE Year offer for a limited time period between 23rd July – 31st August 2008.

DiGi’s offer is simple and gives more value to its customers as it only requires a RM100 usable reload. This means every single sen spent for validity is actual credit or talk time that subscribers can use.

On Hotlink 365, its subscribers are required to pay a yearly fee of RM33 which is similar to paying access fee which subscriber can’t utilise.  On top of the RM33 fee, they would need to top up RM30 within the first 6 months of activation.

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