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Here’s a comprehensive comparison of Samsung Galaxy S9 telco plans in Malaysia

Galaxy S9 Celcom Vs Digi Vs Maxis Vs u mobile plans

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are hitting Malaysia on 16 March 2018. If you prefer to get it on contract, it’s now available on our big 4 telcos – Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile. So which telco has the lowest cost of ownership, lowest monthly commitment and the most data for your money? It’s time for a telco plan comparison for the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

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Maxis no longer offers the iPhone on Zerolution

Maxis iPhone Zerolution

The Maxis Zerolution program allows anyone to own a brand new smartphone with easy monthly instalments and RM0 upfront. On top of that, you can swap phones every 12 months hassle-free for an extra monthly fee.

Now it appears that Maxis has stopped offering iPhones on Zerolution and if you plan to get one from Maxis, you’ll need to take up a standard contract plan.

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Maxis offers the Galaxy Note8 from as low as RM2,199

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Malaysia Preorder Maxis Zerolution

Pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is now open in Malaysia. In case you missed it, the Galaxy Note8 retails at RM3,999 and Samsung is giving RM321 cash rebate plus other freebies inclusive of extended warranty, screen crack protection and a free 5,100mAh powerbank.

For those who are interested to get it on contract, Maxis is offering the Galaxy Note8 from as low as RM2,199 or RM102/month.

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Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ now available for pre-order from Maxis

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ are now open for pre-orders in Malaysia. If you prefer to get the latest Galaxy flagship on contract, Maxis is offering both models on its normal MaxisONE postpaid contract plans and on Zerolution.

The Galaxy S8 which retails at RM3,299 can be yours from RM1,799 (before GST) while the Galaxy S8+ that is selling for RM3,699 is offered from RM2,099 (before GST). Similar to Samsung Malaysia’s pre-order promo, you also get over RM900 worth of freebies which includes a starter pack, 5,100mAh power bank and extended warranty with screen protection.

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Digi Easy Up lets you buy a phone and upgrade to a new one every year


Digi is finally jumping on the annual phone upgrade bandwagon with its new Easy Up offering. Similar to Maxis Zerolution and Celcom NewPhone, the program is tied to a 24-month instalment plan but you have the option to swap to a new phone after 12 months. If you do accept the upgrade, your original 12-months installments will be waived and you’ll start again with a new 24-month cycle. This allows you to constantly swap phones every year without the hassles of trade-ins.

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