Maxis Data Plan

Maxis reduces price for its SurfMore data top up


Data doesn’t really come cheap on Maxis. After they discontinued its SurfMore 75 postpaid plan, topping up extra data could cost as high as RM35 for 1GB.

With the competition embarking on a price war, customers are getting spoilt for choice with a variety of postpaid plans offering as much as 3GB internet for under RM40. Paying RM25 for 500MB or RM35 for 1GB just doesn’t make any sense these days and Maxis has finally revised its quota top up pricing to more sensible levels.

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Maxis reduces monthly mobile internet plan rates

Maxis has finally revealed its new reduced monthly mobile internet plans. Just recently, most Maxis subscribers with mobile internet plans were bumped with higher data quota for free. The most recent we’ve seen is existing 500MB subscribers at RM58/month are upgraded to 1.5GB/month.

Comparing the new rates with the previous one, the 500MB and 3GB plans are reduced by RM20. The 1.5GB option is currently missing form the table but there’s a new 1GB option at RM48/month. Another plan that’s missing is the 6GB option at RM98/month. Overall, the reductions are pretty good which saves you RM240/year.

Maxis still charges excess fee if you exceed your monthly quota but the rates are now cheaper at 30sen per MB. Previously it was charged at 10sen per 10KB which is about RM10 per MB. For more information, head over to Maxis Mobile Internet section.

Maxis offers Nokia X3 Touch and Type FREE on data plan

Maxis offers the Nokia X3 Touch and Type for FREE with 24 months contract of 500MB data plan of RM58/month. This FREE offer is applicable for subscribers that are on Value Plus 50 and above. Not a bad deal considering the phone retails at RM610.

In addition, Maxis is giving an extra RM10 rebate monthly, which means your monthly data plan is just RM48/month. That’s only RM98 a month if bundled together with Maxis Value Plus 50. There’s no mention however if this is eligible on higher 1.5GB or 3GB mobile internet plans and we find no reason why they should leave the higher plans out. We think 500MB is quite little for RM48 a month, and for couple extra RM10 notes monthly, you can get triple the data quota.

The Nokia X3 Touch and Type (X3-02) is their first candy bar phone that offers both keypad and touch screen inputs. It runs on S40 platform with various necessities like HSDPA, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth. From Maxis site, looks like 4 colours are offered: White, Gun Metal, Lilac and Pink. You can read up more details of the Nokia X3 Touch and Type in our previous post.

For more info on Maxis Free Nokia X3 Touch and Type offer, click here.