ASUS ROG Zephyrus S: Going backwards to move forward

I think one of the more interesting designs to hit the high-end gaming laptop space definitely came from ASUS and its Republic of Gamers (ROG) gaming brand. Spurred on by the desire to cram high-end gaming performance into a slim chassis, thanks to NVIDIA’s Max-Q design chips, the laptop maker was facing a conundrum: How do you cool a machine like this?

Well, when they debuted on the original ROG Zephyrus (named after the Greek god of the West Wind, by the way), their solution was to allow the laptop to lift itself off its bottom panel when you opened it, to make way for more airflow.

However, that gaming laptop was always flawed to my eye, mostly because of its unconventional trackpad placement, but also because I was never a big fan of the device’s pseudo-mechanical keyboard. But then they launched the Zephyrus M and despite being slightly bulkier, it had a more sensible keyboard configuration.

Then, the company revealed its third Zephyrus counterpart, the Zephyrus S, and at first glance it seems to me like they regressed a little. But, as usual, things are not always what they seem because sometimes you need to go backwards to move forward.

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VAIO S11 & S13: Every ultra-portable laptop should be this light and powerful

This could be it, ladies and gentlemen. My lifelong quest in search for the perfect work laptop to carry around with me to events may be at an end. What’s interesting is that this potentially ideal laptop comes from a pretty unlikely place.

Remember VAIO? It turns out they still make some really nice laptops that will be making their way into Malaysia really soon. At Computex 2018, I got the chance to check them out and let’s just say I’m stoked.

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Acer’s brand new Swift 5 is almost unbelievably light

I’m someone who’s obsessed with light laptops. This obsession stems partly from the fact that I carry a lot of heavy equipment with me to events but mostly it’s because I’m weak af. That’s why LG’s Gram was always something I was super attracted to but could never get my hands on, because Malaysia.

Today though, I may have found the best alternative. It’s Acer’s Swift 5 and this sleek ultrabook weighs just 970g.

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