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You can pick up the LG G5 in Malaysia and it’s cheaper than the S7 edge


If the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge doesn’t tickle you fancy, you probably might want to consider this Korean star instead. Announced on the same day at MWC 2016, the LG G5 is another worthy flagship and you can get it here in Malaysia thanks to parallel importer DirectD. If RM3,099 is too much to pay for a smartphone, you’ll be happy to know that the G5 is slightly affordable at RM2,999.

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Exploring the modular and peripheral world with LG Friends


Going through life alone is never ideal and you’re most likely to enjoy it better when surrounded by friends. LG knows this and wants to metaphorically do the same for its flagship smartphone. Google tried and are still toying around with modular parts through their Project Ara program and there’s even a smartphone case that lets you do the same.

LG believes that we’re still yet to reach “peak smartphone” and whilst moving forward, modules and add-on peripherals are the paths to take. The idea is exciting and being the first to take it on is a big deal but if others follow suit and do better, trouble might loom.

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