Purported Galaxy S7 and S7 edge appear in live images


With just 2 more weeks until Samsung Unpacked 2016, the new Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge appear to have leaked in the flesh. Previously, its purported official press pics have suggested a similar appearance with its current Galaxy S6/S6 edge flagship, but it gets some refinements to make it smoother around the edges.

If these images are the real deal, this is the best look at what Samsung has to reveal at Barcelona on 21st February.

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HTC releases new teaser for upcoming launch MWC 2015 launch, says you have “no idea” what’s coming

HTC is getting ready to showoff its latest smartphone and the brand wants to make sure you’re paying attention when the launch happens on March 1. The latest to come out from the brand is a teaser video that was released on HTC UK’s Twitter page, while it doesn’t reveal much in terms of product information, the “let them stare” claim is a bold one and one that has certainly gotten a lot of people curious with what HTC will be revealing.

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Is this the new Sony Xperia Z4?


Sony Pictures is having an IT security nightmare as confidential documents and conversations are being leaked online. A week ago, the script of the upcoming Bond flick, Spectre had also being leaked ahead of its 2015 release.

The image you’re seeing above is allegedly the new upcoming Sony Xperia Z4, which would make a product placement appearance in the new James Bond movie. Like the current Xperia Z3, it uses metal frames with rounded edges. The front stereo speaker grills have shifted closer to the edge for a more cleaner look. This could be a tentative concept design for the upcoming flagship but it does look like a pleasant progression from its current design.

The source also added that the Xperia Z4 would be released in May or November, which is a little too long. However it could be possible that Sony is returning to a single flagship per year approach to boost profitability.


The Fappening: Ultimately, who is responsible for the security of content stored in the cloud?

Image credit

On August 31st, hundreds of explicit pictures and videos of celebrities—including nude pictures of Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, swim suit model Kate Upton, 2012 Olympic gold medallist McKayla Maroney, and around 20 other famous women—were posted on 4chan, one of the most popular English-language Internet imageboard communities in the world.

The release of these images was as since been named The Fappening after a subreddit with that name was created for submissions of leaked celebrity nude photos “Fappening” is a portmanteau of “fap,” meaning masturbation, and “happening.” According to Reddit Metrics, The Fappening gathered more than 50,900 subscribers in its first 10 hours and was the fastest growing subreddit of the day. Mainstream media coverage of The Fappening is calling the incident Celebgate.

Allegations quickly emerged suggesting that the images contained in The Fappening had been stolen through a breach of Apple’s iCloud service that allows users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices to synchronize data, including images, between devices and to store their content online. One popular theory posited that a hacker tool called iBrute was used to conduct a brute force attack—repeated attempts to enter a system by trying every possible password—on Apple’s Find My iPhone service. Once Find My iPhone is breached, hackers can gain access to information in their victim’s iCloud account. Apple now limits users to five password attempts on the Find My iPhone service effectively neutralizing iBrute.

While it has yet to be confirmed that The Fappening resulted from a breach of iCloud, Apple issued a statement stating that it is “actively investigating this report.” Jumping on the ambiguity bandwagon the FBI released a statement that the Bureau “is aware of the allegations (and) is addressing the matter.”

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Full specs of LG G3 flagship device gets leaked early


The LG G3 is probably the worst kept secret after the HTC One M8. It will be officially announced next week on the 28th of May but we’ve already seen countless of leaked images both candid and official. Now its full specs have surfaced from a couple of photos taken at a private briefing event. The presentation slides have revealed a couple of interesting details and has confirmed what we’ve known so far about the device.

The model shown here is the Korean version ( F400S/K/L) and it packs a 5.5″ Quad HD IPS display with a Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 processor that’s mated to 3GB of RAM. On-board it gets 32GB of storage and has a large 3,000mAh capacity battery. Under the hood, this is looking like a direct competitor to the high-spec Oppo Find 7.

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LG G3 official press images leaked head of launch


LG’s next big thing, the LG G3 will be launched on the 27th May. The G3 is set to shake up the flagship segment with a 5.5″ Quad HD display and a camera with Optical Image Stabiliser.

After seeing its official teaser, we now get a clearer view thanks to PhoneArena which has gotten their hands on the official press pictures of the device. Now we get to see its overall final design with a brushed aluminium looking back. The front reveals a clean design without capacitive buttons while the Quad HD display dominates the overall device with very thin bezels. It looks like 3 colours will be available – White, Dark Grey and Gold.

Check out the rest of the LG G3 press images after the break.

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More leaked photos of Samsung Galaxy Tab

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab has been exposed further thanks to iFanr. They have gotten leaked photos of the device with usability shots as well. They also shared some specification details although we’re not sure how accurate they are.

The Galaxy Tab’s 7″ screen is reported to be 1024×600 which gives it more display real estate compared to the slighly smaller 5″ Dell Streak that’s coming to Malaysia.

The chassis is said to be plasticky which could feel cheap in the hands compared to the iPad but that also translate to lighter weight as well. Also mentioned is the availability of a 3.2 Megapixel camera together with 3G and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity. It also comes with GPS and a low resolution front screen webcam for conference calls.

From the screenshots shown, the Galaxy Tab is shown running on Android 2.2 Froyo, which is a big plus. Another interesting discovery is that the on-screen keyboard looks similar to the one found on iPhones. Samsung trying hard to be as close as an iPad? Even the connectivity cable looks like an iPod/iPhone cable instead of the usual micro USB used by Android devices.

We believe that the Galaxy Tab should be launching soon considering it is being spotted on a field test in Australia. If it is available in Malaysia, which one do you prefer? The 5″ Dell Streak or a 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab? Leave us a comment.

More photos after the jump.


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Android 2.2 Froyo leaked for Droid Incredible & Galaxy S

As we enter Q3 for this year, we should be closer to Android 2.2 Froyo upgrades for existing devices. For those who can’t wait, we have leaked versions to play with. Today, the latest leaks are revealed for HTC Droid Incredible & Samsung Galaxy S!

For the Droid Incredible, the leaked Froyo comes with HTC Sense so it is pretty close to the real thing. It is reported that all features are working. Head over to XDA forums or download it directly.

For Samsung Galaxy S, the leaked version will be made available at Samsung Firmware World but at 12 o’clock AMSTERDAM time today. At time of this post, it is not available yet so you might want to check later in the evening. This is only for European, Asian and Arabic versions not for the multi-carrier variant Galaxy S versions in the US.

As always, flashing unofficial firmware is at your own risk. With more leaked versions coming up, we should be expecting the real deal to come anytime soon.