Someone just released an “iPhone X” with “Touch ID”

I think the best way to describe the iPhone X‘s design is that it’s a very “in your face” smartphone. It’s unapologetic about its notch, weighty with the stainless steel band and head-turning with its minimal bezels. But the end result pays off because when someone sees an iPhone X, there’s absolutely no mistaking it for any other smartphone.

That is, until now. Now people might mistake that RM5,000 smartphone in your pocket as a Leagoo S9.

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SoyaCincau’s best smartphones under RM1,000


UPDATE: We have a new comparison for smartphones under RM600. Check it out here.

Getting a smartphone is usually a big decision. Unless money isn’t an object to you, this process will likely take a lot of notepad-pros-and-cons, weighing the features you need, the features you want and what you’re willing to spend on a smartphone before deciding.

That can be a lot of hard work, so we thought we’d do most of the hard work for you and list down some of the best smartphones under RM1,000 that you can buy officially in Malaysia.

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