One of the world’s fastest on-screen keyboards has been discontinued

If you’ve used an Android smartphone for at least 6 years, you’ve probably used Swype as your default keyboard. Instead of tapping individual keys with your fingers, Swype allows you to type faster by swiping through your letters on the screen. It’s so fast that it has broken a couple of records including a Guinness World Record.

Unfortunately, the custom keyboard’s days are numbered as the development of Swype has ended in order to focus on their AI solutions.

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Microsoft acquires SwiftKey


SwiftKey, the popular on-screen keyboard has just been acquired by Microsoft. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, SwiftKey and its SDK are being used in over 300 million devices worldwide. Microsoft’s focus is in its predictive technology and it goes in line with their ambition to develop intelligent systems for greater productivity.

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Mad about Emojis? This keyboard may be just what you need


Communication began from face to face conversations and has become more of a virtual experience in its current state. No matter in voice, video or text, we’ve all found new ways to get our messages across. Words fly across our screens all the time, especially in our instant messaging apps, but are letters enough? Do they allow individuals to express themselves well? If you feel you’ve always used Emojis more often than just plain text, you should take a look at the keyboard by EmojiWorks’.

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BlackBerry PRIV apps pop up on the Google Play Store


Button mashing was a thing of the past, at least for most smartphone users; don’t worry BlackBerry toting folks, we’ve got your backs and maybe soon people might give the qwerty loving brand a go again – thanks to the PRIV. The aforementioned device’s pre-order site went up and down and up again, with the price point getting a “discount” when it really went live. Perhaps one of the most anticipated launches in the brand’s history (you know, cause its an BlackBerry that runs on Android) will happen soon but a list of stock BB apps have been found on Google’s Play Store.

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BlackBerry PRIV pre-order page pops up temporarily and it’s more expensive than you think



UPDATE: Pre-order page emerges again. Initial price revised.

No glitz and no glamour for the BlackBerry PRIV or maybe someone accidentally let the cat out of the bag too early. We’re not too sure since the manufacturer made their pre-order site live for awhile before removing the page. Well at least we know 3 things; the price, when it’ll ship and its internals – whoops.

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