iPhone XR

First Impressions: iPhone XR – The iPhone I want to like

Some things, on the surface of it, do not go well together. Like Maggi and Milo, ice cream and fries, Apple and affordable. And like Maggi and Milo, my 24-hours with Apple’s “cheapest” new phone – the iPhone XR (pronounced “ten R” NOT “XR” by the way) – left me feeling, amazed, annoyed, happy, frustrated and above all else, confused.


Because there’s a lot to like about the iPhone XR and that’s saying a lot considering I don’t really like iPhones that much. In fact, I don’t really like a lot of things that Apple make (except for the iPad and the Apple Watch). I so want to like the iPhone XR, the phone that Apple hopes will get more people on board the iPhone bandwagon. But there are also several things that I feel Apple could have done better, better with very little effort, but they chose not to not because it is difficult but because…they’re Apple.

I’m going to get into detail about what I mean by this but for now, let’s get to know more about the iPhone XR.

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iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are available from Malaysian telcos on 26 October

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are finally hitting Malaysia next week and you can pre-order your unit starting this Friday, 19 October. With price starting from RM3,599 for the iPhone XR and RM4,999 for the iPhone XS, you can pay less for the device via a telco where you can enjoy extra subsidies on a contract. Our four major telcos – Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile will be accepting pre-orders very soon.

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Malaysia is among the first in the world to get the iPhone XR

When it comes to brand new iPhone launches, Malaysia is often left out from the list of first wave releases. Apple’s first wave countries usually include the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, and it will take approximately a month before the devices go on sale in Malaysia officially.

For the very first time, it appears that Apple has different plans for the iPhone XR. Almost a month since its introduction, the new colourful iPhone will be available for pre-order globally starting this Friday, 19 October and Malaysia is among the first wave countries to get it.

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Could this be the official Malaysian pricing for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR?

UPDATE: Apple Malaysia accepts pre-orders for the iPhone XS and XS Max starting 19 October. The iPhone XS is officially priced from RM4,999.

11street has been rather proactive when it comes to bringing the latest iPhone XS into Malaysia. Two weeks ago, they were the first e-commerce platform to offer pre-orders for imported units with price starting from RM4,999. For those who prefer to get official Apple Malaysia units, it appears that 11street is now accepting pre-orders and you could get it by end of next month.

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The iPhone XS Max has the most RAM and battery capacity of any iPhone

When it comes to specs, Apple doesn’t officially disclose the amount of RAM and battery capacity for their mobile devices. Perhaps it is to keep things simple and usually, the amount of battery capacity doesn’t necessary represent real world battery life. iPhones in general are very power efficient considering they come with much smaller batteries than its Android rivals.

If you want to look up the nitty-gritty details of the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, we’ve finally gotten our answers from its TENAA certification listing in China. As you would expect with any large screen device, the iPhone XS Max has the most RAM and battery ever fitted on an iPhone.

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This is the best iPhone for under RM4,000

iPhone XR Launch

The latest iPhone models are just getting more expensive. If we refer to Apple Singapore’s pricing, the iPhone XS is priced from RM4,974 for the base model with 64GB and it goes up to RM7,086 for the 512GB version of the iPhone XS Max. If you need a brand new iPhone but not willing to spend more than RM4,000, Apple has also announced a cheaper version that’s called the iPhone XR. This looks like a direct replacement of the smaller iPhone 8.

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