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Instagram introduces photo tagging with Photos of You


Instagram has introduced a new feature called “Photos of You” where you can now tag your friends on photos that you’ve posted on instagram. This lets you easily track down the beautiful (or nasty) photos that have been taken of you. You’ll now notice a new tab called “Photos of you” in your profile section.

At the moment, people can’t see the your tagged photos just yet. Instagram is giving time for existing users to get used with this new feature and it will only be visible to others after 16th of May.

The latest update version 3.5 is now available to download. If you don’t have Instagram installed, you can download it for Android and iOS devices.

Head after the break for the intro video.

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Instagram for Android now available for download

After months of waiting, Instagram is now officially available for Android version 2.2 and above. Currently Instagram has more than 15 million worldwide on iOS and finally the photo sharing app has expanded to the Android platform. Previously Android users had to make do with alternatives such as MOLOME. We wonder when will Instagram roll out a Windows Phone version as well.

Head over to the Google Play Store to download.

Be the First to Get Instagram for Android. Sign-Up Page Now Open

Instagram is coming to Android, everyone knows that. What we all don’t know is when exactly this will happen. Well it looks like the popular social photo sharing app will be available for Android user sooner than very soon.

Instagram has opened registration for Android users, saying that those who register will be among the first to receive what would most likely be a beta release of the application on their device. You can register here.

The registration is simple enough. All you need to do is enter your email address and you’re done. You will receive an email right after that saying that the people from Instagram will get in touch “soon” – we so hate that word.


Instagram for Android to be released very soon

If you’ve been waiting for Instagram on your Android device, your wait is nearly over. It’s co-founder has announced that the Android version of Instagram will be released very soon but without any specific dates mentioned. He added that in some says, the Android version would be better than the current iOS app and it works optimally for larger screens.

On why it took so long, they said they had priorities. In December, its CEO had mentioned they have 2 developers working on the Android version. To date, Instagram has over 27 million downloads on iOS.


Screenshot Suggests Instagram Coming to Android Soon

With over 20 million users there’s no denying that Instagram is a very popular application but at the moment it is for iOS only. The developers have mentioned that an Android version is currently in the works but there’s no indication of when users can expect the popular app to make the leap. But if this screenshot captured from a promotional notification on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is anything to go by, Instagram for Android may only be days away from its much-awaited debut.

This is still far from definitive but it gives a glimmer of hope that Instagram could only be a few day away from being available in the Android Market. Would Instagram for Android be a big deal for you?


Instagram coming soon to Android Platform

For the artsy people, Instagram is a popular photo sharing app which comes with variety of funky effects and filters. Unfortunately Instagram has always been exclusive to iOS devices which leaves out Android users until now.

With growing popularity, Instagram is said to be releasing an Android version and they have 2 developers working on it right now. There’s no mention of availability but its Chief Executive is excited to see its user base double once it is released. Currently Instagram has about 14-15 million users worldwide and expansion is obviously crucial for their business.

For Android users who can’t wait, there are other “Lomo” apps out such as MOLOME. How often do you use Lomo effects for social sharing pics? Are you a big fan or do you prefer sticking to the good old original shots? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.