The iMac is now 20 years old

imac 20th anniversary

The 90s saw the rise of the internet. Before smartphones were a thing, the only way to go online is through a computer that’s hooked up via a dial-up connection. While most computers were beige boxes that are complicated to setup, Apple had introduced the iMac in 1998. Today marks its 20th anniversary and it has certainly changed the way we look at desktop machines.

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HP Pavilion 23 All-in-One desktop review: Conveniently packaged


Combos, packages and all-in-ones, a compelling proposition for someone who has limited space in their homes/offices. While not as powerful as a custom-made tower, the HP Pavilion 23-inch AIO is a screen, a desktop, and by an extension a keyboard and mouse too.

But when you have iMacs, Dell’s XPS AIO and the Lenovo IdeaCentre line making their own case in homes and offices around the world, where does it fit?

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Donald Trump wants to change how Apple manufactures its devices


All-around good guy and GOP candidate Donald Trump, knows his way around a business. He’s earned billions by making business decisions in his own companies and thinks he’s the best man to seek business advice from. In this case, the way Apple’s manufacturing system operates.

Speaking to an audience at Liberty University earlier today, Mr Trump as he’s so fondly referred to on the Apprentice, shared some of his insights on how to make Apple more American.

We’re not talking about Apple Pie here.

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Catch the live stream of Apple’s new iPad and Mac event this Friday


Apple will be announcing its new iPad and Mac range at their upcoming event this 16th October at Cupertino. If you want to catch the event live, Apple will be offering a live stream on their website. It is happening at 10AM PDT, which is on early Friday morning Malaysian time at 1AM. For those without Apple devices, you can follow the live blogs below:


For the upcoming announcement, we expect Apple to refresh its current iPad Air and iPad mini with a faster processor and the inclusion of its Touch ID finger print scanner. Also new for the iPad would be an extra Gold colour option. As for the Macs, it is speculated that an iMac with Retina Display would be introduced as well as a new Mac mini. Hopefully they can manage their live stream better this time compared to the previous iPhone 6/Apple Watch announcement.