HTC Incredible S Review

HTC Incredible S Usability Review

The HTC Incredible S was launched in Malaysia just few months ago, about the same time as the Nexus S. Priced just slightly below the RM2000 mark, the Incredible S looks rather attractive considering it looks like a smaller sibling to its larger Desire HD.

Apart from the screen size which differentiates the Desire HD’s 4.3″ from the Incredible S’s 4.0″, the difference lies with the internals. First up, the Incredible S has a larger 1450mAh battery compared to the Desire HD’s 1230mAh which on paper should provide longer battery life. The screen on the Incredible S is a better S-LCD variant and it is also said to be using toughen Gorilla Glass. There’s also a front facing 1.3MP camera but video calls are not supported on the Incredible S.

The rest of the hardware features are rather similar as it also runs on 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 single core processor and a generous 768MB of RAM. Internally, the Incredible S has 1.1GB of storage which is 400MB less than the Desire HD. At time of review, the Incredible S runs on Android 2.2 Froyo but its upcoming Android 2.3 Gingerbread update should be available by now.

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HTC Incredible S launched in Malaysia

Update: Added pictures and videos from the event as well as press pictures and press release.

HTC has introduced another Android device, the HTC Incredible S today which carries the price tag of RM1,999. DiGi is currently the only telco that’s offering the device with DG Smart Plan.

On contract, DiGi is offering RM550 subsidy for 1 year contract and RM800 for 2 years, making the device priced at RM1449 and RM1199 respectively. If you’re an existing contracted DG Smart Plan customer, unfortunately there’s no upgrade or contract extension plans at the moment. HTC Malaysia has also mentioned that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Incredible S will be coming in June.

More updates coming soon! Pictures and videos from the launch plus press release and press pictures of the HTC Incredible S right after the jump.

In terms of availability, the HTC Incredible S will be exclusively available from DiGi from next week onwards. Non-contract availability of the device will be at the end of April.

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