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Honeycomb Update Now Available for HTC Flyer in Malaysia

Honeycomb is now available for HTC Flyers in Malaysia. As always the update servers are staggering the release to the manage the load so if you’re not getting a notification to update your Flyer don’t be concerned. Give it a couple of weeks and the update should be coming your way. Remember to also check the “Software Updates” status in the settings menu. If you’re lucky, you might be able to grab the update manually.

To access the “Software Updates” section. Go to, “Settings” > “About Tablet” > “Software Updates”.

The update file is 210MB, so using a WiFi connection would the smart thing to do if you’re updating your Flyer.

Truth be told, we haven’t gotten the update notification for our Flyer yet. If you have already updated yours let us know if you noticed any cool or interesting features worth mentioning. Thanks!

Also, thanks to @azharbinismail for the headsup and also the screen grab you see above.

HTC Flyer gets Honeycomb update

HTC has begun rolling out Honeycomb updates for the HTC Flyer in Europe. The announcement made by HTC on its global Facebook page didn’t say when Honeycomb will reach HTC Flyers worldwide but looking at past updates, you can expect to see Honeycomb on your HTC Flyer in a few weeks.

The update should come to Malaysia fairly quickly considering that there is very minimal operator customization made to the stock OS on the Flyer. So keep a lookout, we’ll do as well but if you do find the update available for Malaysia let us know. Thanks!


Maxis offers FREE HTC Flyer and RM299 Motorola Xoom 3G with data bundling

UPDATE: According to Maxis here and here, this promo will be resumed on 25th November 2011 and is applicable to all customers. The bundled plan is a 6GB package of Mobile Data that does not come with voice calls.

UPDATE 2: Maxis has published this offering on their website. According to their FAQ, the 6GB data plan can be subscribed as a standalone broadband only SIM or bolt-on on your existing postpaid voice plan. You can purchase a maximum of 2 units per IC number.

UPDATE 3: The FREE HTC Flyer and RM299 Motorola Xoom offer is extended until 31st December 2011. With anticipated demand for this special deal, we reckon it is valid while stocks last.

Maxis is throwing some time limited deals for the HTC Flyer and Motorola Xoom 3G tablets. With 24 months contract of Maxis 6GB Data Plan at RM98/month, the HTC Flyer can be yours for FREE while the Motorola Xoom 3G is offered at RM299.

DiGi too is offering broadband + tablet bundling plans with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It also comes with a 6GB data plan contract of RM98/month but with a duration of 12 months. However the subsidy amount isn’t as much with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 offered at RM1584.

Overall, this Maxis offer is a huge reduction from its original HTC Flyer and Motorola Xoom offering. According to their tweet, this offer is valid until 30th November.


HTC Malaysia drops price for HTC Flyer from RM2,499 to RM2,099

We’ve just received an alert from HTC Malaysia, they’ve reduced the price of the HTC Flyer from RM2,499 to RM2,099 with immediate effect. In addition to the new pricing, HTC will throw in a limited edition skin for free while stocks last. Head on over to after the jump to check out the skin designs.

We’ll come out and say it — the HTC Flyer is an under appreciated tablet. We like its features and we like the performance of the 7-inch tablet despite having only a single-core processor and not running Honeycomb. For HTC’s first attempt at a tablet, the HTC Flyer is a very polished device and there’s very little to fault. When we first had our hands on it, we lamented at how such a great package is hampered by a ridiculously high price. With a RM400 reduction in the RRP, it’s now that little bit easier to justify purchasing the talented HTC Flyer.

We’re wondering if the price revision will affect subsidized pricing for the device. Let’s hope so.

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HTC prepping a Flyer 3D?

It certainly looks like it. This picture is apparently a revised design of the top back cover of the HTC Flyer. As you can see there is a second camera port added to the cover where there was previous just one camera on the original Flyer.

Two cameras can only mean one thing, 3D photos and videos. Despite not running Honeycomb, we like the HTC Flyer very much and the only thing that’s stopping it from flying off the shelves is the price. At RM2,499 outright, the 7-inch tablet looks overpriced compared to the 10-inch Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Apple iPad. If only the device was priced lower, HTC would have a winner in its hands.

So now this mystery back plate begs the question, will 3D capabilities increase the appeal of the Flyer so much so that buyers will look beyond the outrageous pricing? We think not. Besides, 3D — for the most part — is just a gimmick.

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HTC PC Fair II 2011 Melaka Offers

Click to enlarge

HTC is doing a promo at PC Fair which is happening at Melaka International Trade Centre starting tomorrow, 3 – 5 June 2011. Among the devices on promotion are the latest models such as HTC Sensation, HTC Flyer and the recently announced HTC Wildfire S.

Although the prices for the latest models remained as per RRP, HTC is throwing a couple of extras. For the Flyer, they are giving out free screen protector, 16GB microSD memory card and a 4800mAh Battery bank. The HTC Incredible comes with a 4800mAh Battery bank while the Wildfire S is bundled with car kit. Other models are bundled with free gifts too so view the full size image above for the details.

Surprisingly the original HTC Wildfire is only RM100 cheaper than the latest model but they have thrown a 16GB microSD, screen protector and casing to make it more appealing.

HTC Flyer from Maxis with three new plans

After much anticipation, Maxis has released its service plans for the HTC Flyer. Earlier Maxis announced that the Flyer can be had with contract for just RM199. While many were hoping for a really good deal with a minimum upfront payment, this proved to not be the case.

It turns out that the RM199 value promoted by Maxis is taking into account the savings from rebates you get across the 24 months contract duration when you subscribe to the full Maxis Ultimate Solid plan at RM248/month (RM152 after rebate). The device however must be purchased at full price at a very steep RM2,499

And actually the plans Maxis just released with the HTC Flyer are not exclusive to the device. There are actually new plans called the Maxis Ultimate plans. There are three new plans in all with additional services that offers “unlimited” access to specific sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Head on over the jump as we break it all down for you.

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UNCONFIRMED: HTC Flyer RM199 bundled plan on Maxis

The HTC Flyer RM199 bundled offer from Maxis is going to be revealed tomorrow. This comes after several weeks of delay from its initial May 12 planned launch.

By now most people must be wondering what sort of plan Maxis is offering. Having the RRP of RM2499 outright, it is mind boggling to see Maxis subsidising RM2300 for a device. If you’re thinking that Maxis is charging a premium per month, you may be close to the truth.

According to some tipsters in the comments and via twitter, the HTC Flyer will be offered with a 24 months contract on a RM250/month plan. However that’s not all as you would need to pay a rather hefty upfront payment of RM2499, which is equivalent to the full device price but in exchange, you’ll get RM96 rebated back to your monthly subscription,. This makes your monthly commitment RM154 instead of RM250. If you do the math, RM96 over 24 months gives you RM2300 which is the subsidy amount for the Flyer.

So what will be included with the RM154/month commitment after rebate? We believe it should be a combination of Voice + SMS + Data plan. According to the tips, 16GB is included. As comparison with its typical Android bundles, the typical offer is to bundle a Maxis Value Plus postpaid RM50 with a RM88/month 3GB data plan which makes it RM138/month. As for data only plan, Maxis offers 16GB 3G Broadband for RM158.

However since the HTC Flyer doesn’t allow you to make phone calls, we’re not sure if they are providing voice at all. So it is interesting to see what the plan has to offer with RM250 worth of value. Who knows they might be bundling another smart phone like the Motorola Xoom?

We would like to stress again that the details mention are still unconfirmed but all shall be revealed tomorrow. Keep it locked on to for the latest updates.

If you’ve got a question on the HTC Flyer, head to this page and drop us a comment.

Special thanks to Sam & @azharbinismail for the tips!

All your questions answered: HTC Flyer

Alright people, we got our hands on the HTC Flyer. The one of a kind Android tablet that utilises a stylus as an input mechanism.

While we test the Flyer more comprehensively and post up a full review later, we’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about the device in the run up to the its sale debut happening this Friday.

As with our first impressions findings, the Flyer has a lot of potential. Feature-packed is a good word to describe the 7-incher. So far, we find not much wrong with the device and a lot to like.

Taking a learning from the previous “all your questions answered” posting, we’ll regularly update the post with frequently asked reader questions and highlight some the pertinent but not frequently asked questions as well so that its easier for to read and find the information you’re looking for.

Looking forward to your questions. Don’t hold out on us now.

List of questions updated regularly after the jump.

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Maxis confirms HTC Flyer coming May 27

While we’re all wondering when will the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer be available for purchase, Maxis has confirmed that the HTC Flyer will be available from them starting May 27.

Earlier Maxis made a joint announcement with HTC to announce the HTC Flyer. At the event, availability was set at May 12 but apparently due to stock issues, the availability date of the flyer had to be delayed.

What is still unclear and is still intriguing to us is the RM199 deal for the HTC Flyer that Maxis says it will be offering. Maxis COO, Jean Pascal Van Overbeke said that the offer is not a gimmick and its something worth looking forward to.

Come May 27, we will all know if this is indeed true. Stay tuned.

Big thanks to commenter Jason for the tip!


First Impressions: HTC Flyer

HTC is a prolific device manufacturer, that is a fact. Yes, all the HTC devices out there probably all look the same but there’s no denying that there are probably more HTC smartphones in the market then any other manufacturer right now.

But it’s not all quantity with the Taiwan-based manufacturer. Being chosen by Google to built the first Nexus phone, HTC is prominent when it comes to building quality devices too.

So we’ve established that HTC is a pro when it comes to making devices, and when it comes to Android devices, one can argue that HTC makes some of the best of them. But so far it’s been phones, phones and more phones from HTC.

2011 is the year of the tablet. For the first time we will see tablets coming in from more manufacturers than ever before. Aside from the usual suspects, tablet devices will come from HP, Acer, RIM and many others.

While others have been quick to jump on the Android tablet bandwagon, HTC have been taking their own sweet time. So why has HTC taken this long to put out a tablet? Was it to make sure that they have a winner in their hands? Is the HTC Flyer a real contender in the tablet wars? How does it stack up against the iPad 2? Is the stylus and HTC Scribe just a gimmick or does it really bring innovation to offer users an enhancement that they can really appreciate?

Head on over to after the jump to find the answers to these questions and more. This is our first impressions of the HTC Flyer.

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RM199 for the HTC Flyer. What’s the catch Maxis?

At the HTC Flyer launch, Maxis revealed that it will offer the RM2,499 RRP device for a ridiculously low RM199 with contract. That is a whopping RM2,399 off the list price or a very generous 90% discount.

Naturally, we posted this right away and immediately the comments and tweets came flooding in. Some said we made a typo, some said Maxis made a typo, others claim that Maxis will offering a high monthly fee to compensate for the low price.

So to settle this once and for all We asked Maxis Chief Operation Officer, Jean Pascal Van Overbeke, what is the catch behind this to-good-to-be-true deal. Was the RM199 price announcement a misprint, did he mention the wrong number during his speech? What about the monthly commitment? Will it be ridiculously high?

Jean Pascal’s answer was frank and straight to the point. “The package will be competitive and interesting, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. We don’t want to have it (the HTC Flyer) stuck you know, we want to sell it.”

He promised to reveal all the details on May 12. Very well, we’ll keep in touch then. To register your interest, head over to Maxis Android Tablet page.