TNB is kicking off Fibre Broadband trials in Melaka

This post is brought to you by Tenaga Nasional.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is more than just an electric utility company. Apart from supplying electricity for Peninsular Malaysia, the company has the means to provide broadband on their existing infrastructure.

To support the government’s National Connectivity Plan, TNB is kicking off a pilot project in Jasin, Melaka which aims to provide faster, cheaper and wider internet accessibility for Malaysians. This will be a new High Speed Broadband (HSBB) network and it could connect underserved areas that are not covered by existing fibre broadband providers.

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TM to reveal affordable broadband initiatives in the coming months

TM Affordable Broadband Initiatives

UPDATE: TM has announced a new entry-level RM79/month Fibre plan and new Turbo Plans with speeds of up to 800Mbps.

Earlier this week, the Minister of Communications and Multimedia had announced that Malaysians could enjoy as much as 25% price reduction on broadband by end of this year. This is due to the implementation of Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing (MSAP) which reduces wholesale prices for broadband.

TM has just issued a statement to respond to the minister’s announcement.

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TM UniFi Advance subscription now starts from RM199/month


Are you planning to subscribe to UniFi? You’ll have to pay more each month as they have revised the pricing for its current UniFi Advance offering for 30Mbps and 50Mbps. When TM introduced these plans in October last year, they were offered at an introductory price of RM179/month for 30Mbps and RM229/month for 50Mbps.

Effective 1st April, the base 30Mbps UniFi Advance is going for RM199/month and if you want faster speeds, it will cost you RM249/month.

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TM doubles its upload speed on UniFi Advance


When TM introduced its new UniFi Advance Plan, it offered faster download speeds for less. The plan offered 30Mbps fibre broadband at RM179/month, while a faster 50Mbps connectivity can be yours at RM229/month.

While downloads are faster, many had frown upon its slower upload speeds. As a comparison, its original UniFi VIP plans offered symmetrical speeds (5Mbps download + 5Mbps upload or 10Mbps download + 10Mbps download). Probably after getting a lot of flak, TM has finally doubled its upload speeds on their latest plans.

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Paying too much for broadband? A new disruptor wants to offer 100Mbps below RM70/month


The cost of broadband has always been a hot topic among Malaysians. Even with TM’s new Unifi plans that offer faster speeds for less, many had frown upon the removal of its cheaper 5Mbps option at RM149/month.

For those with the need for speed, it can get ridiculously expensive. Maxis offers 100Mbps broadband for a colossal RM398/month. Alternatively, TIME is also offering 100Mbps at a cheaper RM179/month but it comes with a 100GB cap.

Is there a way for Malaysians to get faster speeds at lower prices? A Singaporean broadband company wants to make it possible when it comes to Malaysia.

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TM refreshes its broadband offering with new Unifi ADVANCE PLAN


Today marks a change at TM with a new website and refresh of its high speed broadband offering. Branding wise, the Unifi logo remains unchanged since its inception but its online presence has been revamped with a store-like design for easier online application.

With calls for faster and cheaper broadband, TM has revised its broadband offering with its new Unifi ADVANCE PLAN which claims to pack the best value in the industry.

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TM drops more clues for its 15th October reveal


Earlier on TM has teased us that everything is going to be changed on 15th of October. As we are just 2 days to go, TM has released its new microsite which gives us a tiny bit more clues on what to expect on the actual day.

Again toying with the notion of launching a smart phone, the new site reads “A breakthrough device enhanced with Unifi” with the claim of providing the best broadband experience for your device.

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