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honor 10: Setting a new benchmark for beauty and intelligence

honor 10 Malaysia
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A smartphone is no longer just a device that helps you to make phone calls, send texts, surf the web or take photos; it is also a fashion statement. The kind of phone you use reflects who you are as an individual and honor, with their brand-new flagship honor 10, has taken this to heart.

Let’s begin with its physical features. honor 10’s gorgeous Aurora Glass Design is heavily inspired by Italy’s glass making techniques from the early 7th century. Combined with modern technology, honor was able to create something unique and breathtaking with this smartphone. It looks nothing like what we’ve seen from other smartphone makers and it opens new possibilities of what can be done with glass.

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honor 10: Affordable never looked this pretty

When you’re looking for a value-oriented device, good looks are usually sacrificed for raw spec-sheet performance. And that’s completely fair because companies have to shave bits here and there anyway if they want to keep prices low.

Apparently, honor didn’t get the memo because their flagship smartphones — since the gorgeous honor 8 — have remained some of the prettiest smartphones money can buy. Now, they’ve got the brand new honor 10 and I think it’s easily the prettiest one they’ve made yet.

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