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Google Play Gift Cards are now available in Malaysia

Google Play Gift Card

To buy apps or content from the Google Play store, you can pay using your credit or debit cards or by carrier billing. In other countries, you can also get a Google Play Gift Card which you can buy from a physical store and then redeem the credits through your Google Account.

Interestingly, Google has finally listed Malaysia as one of the countries that offer the gift cards. 

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Paid Android apps could go as low as RM1 on the Google Play Store


The Google Play Store is the one stop place for Android users to purchase apps, movies, e-books and other various digital content. To make apps more accessible to the masses, Google is reducing the minimal price for paid apps and games on the Play Store.

Unless it is a sale, Google usually charge at least RM3.50 for paid apps. With the latest revision, you can expect to see paid apps going from as low as RM1.00.

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Apple releases its first Android app and the fan boys are going bonkers


During Apple’s iPhone 6s keynote announcement, Tim Cook mentioned that iPhones are the most loved phones in the world. With the introduction of iPhone 6/6 Plus, he shared that more people are making the switch from the Android smart phones. Based on this trend, they had introduced a “Move to iOS” app on the Google Play Store to make the transition even smoother.

That should keep everybody happy right? Unfortunately things doesn’t seem to go well as planned.

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Facebook introduces Moments, lets you share photos with your friends privately

FB moments

Facebook has just announced a new standalone photo app named Moments, that eliminates the need for everyone to take the same group shot just to make sure everyone gets a copy.

How it works is that the app will allow you to share your photos with friends who are in the shot and get photos you are in as well. It accomplishes this by syncing photos and connecting people with facial recognition technology to find out who was there with you without having to plaster it all over your feeds or take multiple shots of the same thing.

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Shazam can now recognize more than just music, works with QR Codes and images


Shazam is for more than just music now, with the latest version of the music identification app being able to scan images and QR codes to offer access to interactive content.

Starting today, the newest version of Shazam will have a new camera icon on the interface. The new button will allow users to wave their phone over items with the Shazam camera logo or a QR Code to bring up interactive content, special offers and other custom mobile content. Shazam is working hand in hand with a long list of companies to make this work, including that of the Warner Brothers, Guerlain and Evian to name a few, to put interactive content on their products that can be accessed via the app. The app can also read content on regular QR codes with no problem either.

If you’d like to give it a go, you can download Shazam here though it will be awhile yet till we see Shazam specific content around our parts.


The number of offensive mobile games are surprisingly high but should we be offended?


Google recently removed a game titled “Bomb Gaza” from Google Play after numerous complaints surfaced. Bomb Gaza has players piloting and Israeli jet fighter and dropping bombs on “terrorists” in Gaza while avoiding killing civilians. The game ends when you max out your “rage meter” when you kill too many civilians.

A Google spokesperson says that the company does not comment on specific apps and that Google removes games that violate Google Play’s policies that do not allow “content advocating against groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, (or) religion.”

Bomb Gaza was released on Google Play on July 26 and, according to UK’s Guardian newspaper, was downloaded around 1,000 times before being removed from Google Play. The game has also been removed from Facebook.

Bomb Gaza’s developer, PlayFTW (Google Play, Facebook), says that the “game was a joke made in 2 hours” and that “it is based on avoiding killing civilians.” Arutz Sheva reports that spokesperson Roman Shapiro also added, “As usual, Jews are demonized by everyone. Not surprised.”

Roman, you and everyone at PlayFTW are unmitigated assholes!

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