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Android P: 3 things you should know about Google’s biggest OS update in years

Ever since Android Marshmallow, version updates for the world’s most popular mobile operating system have been less about major redesigns and more about tweaking what works to make everything better. And, for the most part, it works because Android Oreo is definitely a slick experience.

However, with Android P, Google‘s shaking things up. This version of Android represents the biggest overhaul the company has made to the way you experience Android for a long time. It’s almost like an entirely new OS and here are the three biggest changes you need to know about.

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Google’s 2016 I/O will take them back to their roots

We have a date! CEO Sundar Pichai announces that Google’s next Innovation in the Open event will be delivered on May 18th till the 20th and be held at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View (Google HQ).

Taking to Google+, Pichai mentions that their decision to hold the developer event at the place that started it all off to mark the 10th anniversary of the gathering. And you can bet the 10th conference will have some great innovations to put on stage.

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Google Maps offline hopes to eliminate ‘screenshot jujitsu’


Announced during the Google I/O in May earlier this year, Google has finally begun the gradual rollout of its new Google Maps offline navigation feature. Users can expect to see this feature in the latest version of the Google Maps app which will allow users to save locations, search, and access the app’s turn-by-turn navigation offline.

As good as all of this sounds, there is a slight catch though.

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Google Maps to get offline turn by turn navigation

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Good news for people who have bad lines, Google will soon be implementing offline search in the Google Maps app which will be massively helpful for people with spotty internet connections.

Offline functionality will basically allow users to enjoy offline turn-by-turn voice navigation instructions with the offline support hitting devices later this year.  Also joining this is the YouTube Offline option that will be available in India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam that will allow you to download and keep videos on your device for up to 48 hours.

On top of this, Google is working towards data usage optimization while using Chrome so data consumption will be reduced by as much as 80 percent. Overall the new features will hopefully ease the data burden on devices that are stuck with expensive plans or bad connections so at least you can get home in one piece.


9 things you need to know about Android M


Google has given a quick developer preview of its next smart phone OS, the Android M. After the introduction of Lollipop last year with an all new Material Design, the new Android M focuses on greater control and improved user experience. Some of the features aren’t new for Android smart phones but it is good that they have included natively as a standard for all device manufacturers.

Here are 9 key take outs on the new Android M after the break.

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