Can Neffos do a premium build with the X1 and X1 Max?


TP-Link’s first foray into the smartphone market with their Neffos brand was met with rather lukewarm reception. The devices were decidedly entry-level with plastic bodies and not a lot of horsepower under the hood. They weren’t particularly good value devices here in Malaysia either and that’s crucial when you’re competing in such a competitive segment of the market.

Now, though, TP-Link is taking a different approach with their new smartphone lineup, opting for a more premium build with better internals.

Has it worked?

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There’s a white Nexus S coming to Germany

While we are still waiting for the white iPhone 4, Google’s Nexus S is already available in White – sort of. According to BestBoyz, Germany would be receiving the above white Nexus S which is basically has a white backplate while maintaining the same black colour front just like the iPhone 3GS and HTC Evo 4G.

No doubt some will argue that this isn’t a true “white” phone but at least this is some form of variance offered officially. We’re sure it won’t take too long before some smart entrepreneur starts selling Nexus S backplates in a wider range of colours.

According to the source, the German destined Nexus S units will also come with Super AMOLED despite some earlier speculation that other parts of the world may receive the alternative Super Clear LCDs.