TM wants to help you get a limited edition Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle


The Force has been relatively strong of late, with trailers, memorabilia, and even gaming consoles all paying homage to the world of Star Wars. Fittingly, our dear landline and internet provider, Telekom Malaysia now has a pre-order page for the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 bundle only for their customers. That said, if you weren’t one of the lucky few that picked up your unit on Sony Malaysia’s online store, since units are now sold out, here’s another chance.

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Candy Crush Saga finally lands on Windows Phone


Candy Crush, the game responsible for sleep depreciation is finally available on Windows Phone. Like other platforms, it is free to download and there are some optional in-app purchase for that extra boost. In case you’re wondering, it will also work with Windows Phones devices with just 512MB RAM like the Lumia 530.

To download, head over to the Windows Phone Store. The app is compatible for devices running both Windows Phone 8 and 8.1.


Get ready to lose your temper. Creator of FlappyBird introduces Swing Copter


Dong Nguyen, the creator of the addictive Flappy Bird is back and he’s released a new game called Swing Copter. Like the earlier game, Swing Copter uses pixelated graphics and all you’ll need to do is tap on your smart phone repeatedly.

If you think FlappyBirds was hard, this is actually worse. The objective of the game is to get the helicopter as high up as possible instead of flying from left to right. But the problem is, the gameplay of getting it up is insanely difficult as you would need to control the copter as it changes direction rapidly at will. Seriously, how could this be any better than killing off Flappy Bird in the first place?

To lose hours or even days of your life, you can download Swing Copter for free on iOS and Android devices.

Watch the gameplay after the break.

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Cut The Rope 2 now available on Android


Initially exclusive on iOS, Cut The Rope 2 is finally available on the Android platform. The game play remains the same where you help Om Nom to get his candy while collecting as many stars as possible. The new sequel has also expanded the game with new characters and additional locations as well. It is free to download on Android and like most new games, there are optional in-game purchase upgrades available.

To download, head over to Google Play Store.

You can watch the Cut The Rope 2 promo video after the break.

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Word Monsters: A fun word puzzle game for iOS


If you’re looking to kill some time on you iPhone while being stuck in jam. You might want to check this game out.

Word Monsters is a fun, fast-paced social word game developed by Raketspel that’s something like Candy Crush and crossword puzzles combined. The object of the game is to look for words in stacks of letters as fast as you can. You can play with your friends and compete with players around the world as well. You can choose the theme of words you want to compete in, such as fruits, names, stuff that you can find in your fridge, or even more challenging stuff, like 80’s pop songs!

Word Monsters is available for free now on iOS.

Head on over to after the jump to see Word Monster in action.

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Rovio introduces Angry Birds Stella with 5 new birds


Rovio continues to drop more hints of its new Angry Birds sequel which will be called Angry Birds Stella. The new episode story evolves around Stella, a pink Angry Bird character and she will be joined by 5 new characters. Nothing much has been revealed about the game play but it is like to be the same sling shot action as the original.

The game is expected to be released in Fall, which is still far away in September. Somehow the teaser pic looks like something from a full featured animated movie, don’t you think?


Rovio teases new Angry Birds adventure is coming soon


Ok guys. Time to give Flappy Bird a rest. Rovio has teased that an all new Angry Birds game is coming soon. It also comes along with a series of new birds to play with. The release date is still unknown but Rovio will be revealing more details tomorrow.

A few months back, Rovio has released Angry Birds Go, a go-kart spin off of their popular game. The new Angry Birds could be a return back to its original bird slinging action with a couple of new features thrown in.


Flappy Bird creator says he can’t take this anymore. To pull down Flappy Bird in less than 24 hours


Just when things are heating up, Flappy Bird is said to be pulled down in less than 24 hours from Google Play & iOS Appstore. Its creator Dong Nguyen had tweeted his decision while adding that he couldn’t take this anymore. It is unclear why exactly he is pulling the plug but he clarified on Twitter that it wasn’t related to legal issues. He has also added that Flappy Bird is not for sale and he will still be continuing to develop mobile games.

It was reported that Flappy Bird is raking in a handsome US$50,000 per day in mobile ad revenue, which is pretty good income for the game developer. To turn down a steady revenue stream must be pretty drastic for Dong Nguyen. He had tweeted yesterday while Flappy Bird can be considered a success, it also had ruined his simple life.

If you’re a Flappy Bird addict, check out the video here.


Here’s how you can get over Flappy Bird madness and move on with life


Flappy Bird is currently one of the hottest games right now which people spend silly number of hours tapping away. The developer Gears Studio is reported to make US$50,000 daily from ads alone.

If you can’t break the habit, cheating could be your way out by hitting an incredibly high score which you can’t beat through normal means. The folks at AndroidCentral have posted a guide on doing this which involves rooting the device, looking for the Data Folder of the game with a File Explorer and edit a line in its XML document to fix your desired high score.

After doing the hack, just play a normal round of Flappy Bird and once your bird dies, your incredibly fixed high score will be displayed. Next, share your screenshots on social networks and you can officially retire.

If rooting is too complicated and if all else fails, watch the alternative solution after the break.

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Cut the Rope 2 Now Available Exclusively for iOS


If you’re game for fresh rope cutting challenge with the cute and pudgy Om Nom in its quest to find delicious candy then you’ll be happy to know that the Cut the Rope 2 is now available exclusively for iOS devices at the moment for a promo price of US$0.99.

As you would expect from a sequel, Cut the Rope 2 brings new levels with new challenges, and an enhanced gameplay and new characters.

Head on over to after the jump to see the Cut the Rope 2 in action.

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