Galaxy Note9

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Camera vs Huawei P20 Pro vs iPhone X

One of the interesting things we noticed when we tuned into the big Galaxy Note9 launch in New York last week was how little Samsung actually talked about the camera. There was no DxOMark score, no huge segment comparing it and its competitors, nor was there much emphasis on the handset’s camera hardware.

Was Samsung unconfident with the Galaxy Note9’s camera performance? Does this best-Note-ever actually have a sub-par camera in its class? Does the Note9’s camera actually suck?

Harrowing times, I know. But we thought we’d find out for ourselves by pitting the Galaxy Note9 with the best smartphone cameras we could find in our smartphone stable. Here’s how the Note9 stacks up to the best.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is how everyone should do incremental updates

There are phones that shock the world and then there are phones that don’t. Samsung‘s brand new Galaxy Note9 is one of the latter, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Not if the goal was to fix all the shortcomings of its predecessor. And not if it was specifically designed for its unwavering fans: The power users.

If you look at it that way, then, despite the fact that the Galaxy Note9 doesn’t have a jaw-dropping feature, it could be the best Note device yet.

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