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This is probably the best all-screen smartphone without a notch

vivo NEX Apex

Just last month, Lenovo had started teasing their very own all-screen smartphone that’s called the Lenovo Z5. A lot of people got excited when Lenovo released teasers of the phone that doesn’t come with a notch. Turns out, the Z5 was just another typical “FullView” smartphone with a notch and everyone was fooled, us included.

If you’re still searching for a truly all-screen experience, vivo probably has the device you’ve been looking for. They have announced the vivo NEX and this is probably the closest thing to an all-screen bezel-less smartphone.

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This could be the world’s first all-screen smartphone

Shrinking bezels and notched displays are all steps towards an ultimate goal: An all-screen smartphone. A device with no notch, chin nor forehead. The kind of phone you see depicted in sci-fi movies as the “phone of the future”.

It’s not easy, obviously, because the front of your smartphone has a whole bunch of sensors, controllers and various other elements necessary to give you a full smartphone experience. That meant the past few years have been all about moving these elements around, finding compromises and coming up with new technology to overcome this final hurdle.

And while everyone’s looking at the big dogs at Samsung, Huawei or Apple for this, it appears that Lenovo could be the first company to crack the all-screened smartphone code. Here’s the Z5 and it apparently has a borderline absurd 95% screen-to-body ratio.

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