Huawei sold over RM60 million worth of Huawei P20 and P20 Pro in 10 seconds

The Huawei P20 and P20 Pro are available in Malaysia since 6 April but did you know that both were only launched in their home market, China, last week? During their first day sale on 12 April, Huawei had generated over 100 million RMB (about RM61.98 million) in P20 sales within the first 10 seconds on Vmall China. While they didn’t share the specific number of units, it’s still quite a remarkable achievement, especially for a brand new flagship product.

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This is how NOT to identify a fake iPhone battery

So, your iPhone’s battery life is getting worse and it probably gets slower with the latest iOS update. If you don’t plan on replacing the device, you can fix the iPhone with a simple battery replacement.

For those looking for a cheaper replacement, most people would be wondering if the batteries they are getting are the real deal. One guy in China thinks he can tell a real from a fake but it turns out to be a bad idea.

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Someone just released an “iPhone X” with “Touch ID”

I think the best way to describe the iPhone X‘s design is that it’s a very “in your face” smartphone. It’s unapologetic about its notch, weighty with the stainless steel band and head-turning with its minimal bezels. But the end result pays off because when someone sees an iPhone X, there’s absolutely no mistaking it for any other smartphone.

That is, until now. Now people might mistake that RM5,000 smartphone in your pocket as a Leagoo S9.

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Is China’s space station crashing into Malaysia?

Space Station Crash into Malaysia

There are reports that a Chinese space station (Tiangong-1) will be crashing down to earth and its debris might hit Malaysia. The report also added that the space station is out of control and it could hit several major cities including Kuala Lumpur.

Before you start panicking for a doomsday event, our National Space Agency (ANGKASA) has issued a statement on the probability of an impact in Malaysia.

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There is a Galaxy Note7 with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage but you can’t have it


Before the Galaxy Note7 was revealed, there were speculation that the new Note will come with 6GB of RAM. Unlike previous Note models that offered a performance bump, we got a Galaxy Note7 that retains the same processor and RAM as its current Galaxy S7/S7 edge series.

Now it seems that there is indeed a higher spec model which will come with 6GB RAM and double the storage at 128GB on-board. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing this on our shores and in most markets anytime soon.

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China has built a bus that you can drive under and it’s magnificent


Busses in their current form is rather cumbersome. They get caught in traffic, are large, are scary, take up a lot of valuable highway space and worst of all, in my experience at least, are road bullies. In Malaysia they’re also large contributors to environmental damage.

But what if there was a bus that could solve all of these problems? Well, China thinks it may have a solution.

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Dispelling the negative perception of a “China-made” phone


Smartphones have come a long way. Everyone is pouring their resources into this area of the market, coming up with devices that range from the low-end good-value spectrum all the way to the premium top-of-the-line range.

For the longest time, China has dominated the low-end good-value market, with devices from Huawei‘s honor and Xiaomi to name a few, but problems arise when these same companies start making premium devices that come with premium price tags.

“Paying so much for a China phone?” people scoff. Why is that, I wonder? In my experience, some of the best flagship phones came right out of China.

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